Screenshots in gallery gone?

Hi guys, anyone here have a clue why almost all my screenshots in my gallery are gone?

I have not uploaded any new ones, and have not deleted anything…


Screenshots or Photos? I see two: MyForza

If you’re talking about the videos and BIG SHOTS, those have a time limit and are automatically deleted from display after about 72 hours.

No i had nothing in BIG SHOTS, i had about 7 additional pictures i my gallery, now i have only those two left :frowning:

I am uploading new pictures now, but screenshots in the “ordinary” gallery should not get auto deleted after some time?

They don’t. Only the ones I mentioned.

Hmm strange then, maybe something bugged on the server, just see if something happens to the new ones, but thank you for the reply


If a pic gets no views, after 30 days it’s auto-removed from the storefront. It’s happened to me many times, but it’s no real problem, you just reupload them if you want to.

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