I purchased the ultimate edition of Forza Horizon 4 pre order, and have not received all of the items I should have. I didn’t get the car pass or what ever gets you the Sentra, rx7, i8 roadster, and others. I also did not receive the preorder cars such as the Nissan GTR preorder car and the mclaren 720s preorder. None of these cars have been given to me. All I got was the vip house. The formula drift pack. The 007, the agera rs and the triumph. But to get the others I must pay 30$?? No. I paid 100$ for it I expect it to be given to my account. My account is Angrytimelord26. I have bought both the gtr and the 720. I would’ve saved a lot getting them free.

The Sentra and RX-7 are available now, they are releasing two cars a week for the Car Pass.

If you did not receive codes for your pre-order incentive then you need to reach out to your retailer.

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