Sbarro Sparta concept 2014-2014

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Sbarro Sparta concept 2014

This is actually an incredibly cool car because it was built as a University Project by 27 Students from the ESPERA Sbarro School of Automotive Design in France.

The premise of the school is to encourage more out of the box and unique thinking when it comes to mechanical and aesthetic approaches to car design. As a result Students are given 10 months to Study and Learn how to build a car before beginning the actual construction process in January which they will then present at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

School teachers allege that the students aren’t allowed to lean on Computer Software to design the car and are meant to take a more hands-on approach by carving models and sketching blueprints physically.

For the cars themselves the students can use an existing engine and drivetrain but they weld the chassis together themselves and form the body out of fibreglass in a workshop at the school.

The Sbarro Sparta Concept was even more interesting than usual as many of these projects are built simply to showcase but the Students behind the Sparta aimed to have it compete in the Rallye Monte Carlo in the Alternative Propulsion Category. The students achieved their goal of entering it after a large bit of press at Geneva but unfortunately it had to drop out due to mechanical issues around the halfway point of the race.

To achieve this end the vehicle is fitted with a Mid-Mounted 1.6L I4 from Peugeot that powers the Rear Wheels while there is one Electric Motor on the Front and a Second on the Rear as well, this is all coupled to a 6-Speed Manual Transmission and a Standard Rally Handbrake. This makes the Sparta a Hybrid 4WD and dyno tests had it producing around 407hp prior to the event. Despite having the engine, the two motors and a 24 kWh Li-Ion Battery the vehicle only weighed around 3000lbs fully laden.

The vehicle also included a Lever in the cabin which diverted the flow of Power coming from the two electric motors. As standard it would provide all the power to the Front Wheels but if desired the Driver could send more to the Rear and have it instantly react with more Oversteer for tight corners. It also included a set of cup-holders for any beverages you decided to bring with you.

This would be an absolutely amazing addition to Forza imo as it showcases something with a completely unique aesthetic and it also shows the efforts of what a small team of students was able to accomplish in roughly 10 weeks of building with less than a year of studying.

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what a unique car, would be a fun little Super hot hatch or rally monster

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