Saying my piece.

I’ve written a few posts, I only write purely to make friends and talk to people, not because I actually want to talk about the game. But no matter how hard I try, there is always one or two people that have to stomp on my posts and write narky comments. I don’t understand, I only usually write upbeat posts, I’ve never ripped any Forza game, so why do people feel the need to taint black the nice posts, just to add a bit of drama? Is it because I’m a girl, so therefore my voice isn’t as important as everyone else’s?

You have no idea how you’re making the poster feel, it’s like there’s some sort of stupid hierarchy on here, if you’re not a ‘favourite’ on the forum, you get humiliated, well that’s lovely isn’t it. Sure is worth humiliating someone, just for a few likes on your comment, as long as you get your 5 minutes of fame it’s okay, right? I refuse to take part in this unfair community, I will carry on playing my Forza games and enjoy it, without having some of you on here ruin it for me and make me feel stupid, when I’m not. You’re not all bad, but the ones that do repeatedly ruin it, it’s those people I can’t stand.

I’ll get ripped for this post, but I’m sick and tired of the attitudes here, so I don’t even care any more. Go for it. (Y)


You don’t necessarily have to stop taking part in the forums. There is an option to block posts from others users who you have issues with. Also, if anyone is in violation with the ToS in a post you can report it. I don’t know the context of the comments you’re speaking of as I don’t read every single thread but there are going to always be people who act like jerks no matter what you do in life, all you can do is try not to let them get you down.

On a side note if you post an opinion here on the forums odds are some will agree with that opinion and others will disagree which is fine so long as they keep it civil.

I doubt it is anything due to your gender, afterall this is the 21st century. but I know what you mean, there are quite a few members on these forums who are complete @#**s and seem to like to condescend everyone - Im afraid you just got to block them or deal with it…

This topic will inevitably be etched into the hall of legends, for single-handedly exposing the truth about narky comments on Internet forums. What once was myth is now fact. Enlightened am I.

Would not worry about it, some people have too much time and your much better off ignoring those kind of responses. You may not be in one of the “cliques” or whatever but many friends can still be made over these forums, may only be a few at first but doesn’t take too long to come across like minded people and you know what, some of those friendships can last many years.

The world is full of people who spend too much time hiding from society and… way too much time locked up in their basements playing games, they loose their people skills quickly that way…they are the problem…not you :slight_smile:

I “liked” your thread!! I felt the same way when a great deal of snarky comments left by XB1 users started blasting into the sticky thread for 360 users. They act like they are so much better than everyone because they have a XB1 and it really is funny considering the XB1 users have more damaging bugs with FH2 like corrupted save files and loosing all their progress. So when I see them complain about “oh help me, I lost everything” I smile inside thinking about all their snarky posts over in the 360 sticky thread.

I as well have posted a few threads and it doesn’t take long before snarky folks start running their mouths. I just return fire, and stand my ground. If they want to be snarky well you better be able to take it back, not just dish it out.

As for the hierarchy statement, I agree that there seems to be a few users that seem to be in a clique and band together in their snarky replies.

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{Mod edit - WSD - If you have nothing constructive to say don’t say anything]

[Mod edit - WSD - Do not respond to baiting posts, either ignore or report them]

Generally speaking I wouldn’t say the forums are the best community around, or the best place to discuss anything Forza. Far from it. There could be the numbers to become something great, but everybody sticks to their sub-forums or to the “general x game” section. [Mod edit - WSD - If you have a problem with Mods or T10 staff put it in a letter to ]
I’m growing constantly frustrated at the lack of life and the constant nagging and all the faults of this forum, and this in turn is making Forza less enjoyable to me, believe it or not.

Has anyone noticed the large number of modders in online night road trips. Last night and the night before I ran into a few groups of racers who were obviously using modified games/ cars or a modified game that allowed them to use cars that are not in the correct class. They say class A or S1, but are not even close. I mean it was obvious.
When I confronted them they just said so what. They didn’t even deny it. I left and went to another online road trip.
Any way to put an end to this Turn 10?

Report them - make sure you are certain though as the system is weighted and the more false reports a person makes the less weight their future reports carry. Why do you say that their cars are modded?

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It’s like that on every forum.

That’s near enough true, you have to ignore the crap and look for the positive. From making a response in a post some where, I got a pm over XB1, we met up and had a good night near enough completing the co-op bucket lists (while both dealing with trying to puy our little uns to bed). A good night on Horizon 2 and a good chat about maybe setting up a club for us mature, sensible UK Horizon 2 players, that’s why it’s worth staying around and posting and finding those genuine people that STILL play the game for the right reasons.