Savegame relocation

So about a week ago I had to do an emergency reinstall of my system on a new drive, as my older one broke after installing new graphics drivers and here is the question. I have my old save files but whenever I put them to the new location on a new drive where forza is installed, they are not loaded (I made a mistake by logging to forza before putting my old save files), only the new ones are loading in.

Is there a way to fix the issue without reinstalling the whole game again?

Make sure you are moving the files and not copying them. You cannot have multiple files in Forza.

By doing that you overwrote the existing online savefile, basically starting you all over. Only thing to do now is post in the Support section and maybe Nitro Glitter can look into it. She has been known, in these instances, to Gift you back your credits and garage VALUE, not cars.