Save game not syncing between XSX and PC

I played on Xbox Series X a bunch over the weekend since my G923 wasn’t working anyways, however I went to stream the game last night and I couldn’t get my cloud save to sync to PC.

My console save it’s level 50+ hall of fame, but when I load on PC, I’m level 27.

Is there a way to force a sync, I tried everything I could think of last night to get it to work. When I went back upstairs and loaded up my console game it was fine.

Any help or ideas would be super appreciated.


I’m so sorry this happened to you.

I would sincerely and wholeheartedly give you a big WARNING WARNING WARNING before choosing to play cross-play PC-Xbox.

I did that with Forza Horizon 4, I was a whale in terms of hours sunk in and cars/content done, but one day my PC just refuses to sync. Then I go to the Xbox, and it says that my save could not be found. My save got corrupted because of the infrastructure of play-anywhere, and as a result I lost everything.

I only got my cars back, no money, no progress, no tunes, NOTHING except cars - and get this. They gave them to me as individual gift emails in-game. Imagine having to accept 750+ messages to download a car, and however hundreds more to download horns. I felt so stupid in that moment. I had given this company my time and money, and now I’m treated like dirt. They could just have not given me anything, would have felt more dignified.

So please take care, and know that there’s a REAL possibility that your save might get corrupted.

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Well this is wonderful. I never had that problem on FH4 but that sounds absolutely miserable.

This is going to be a major issue for me if that’s the case here. Luckily nothing has been corrupted yet, but this is one of the big selling points for MS and gamepass, how is a major issue like this still a problem?

Well, this has happened to me and I had almost 300 cars when my progress was wiped out. The prospect of opening over 300 mails with the added horns is just horrifying, but I would like to have my cars back because I had a break and put in a lot of hours playing the game and now with work, it will take months to get them. I would like to know how long does it take for Forza to send me my cars back after raising the ticket?

I was so excited when they announced that, I sounded like the future. That’s why I jumped right on board with Game Pass Ultimate.

The sad reality of life is that it’s mostly just marketing talk. In 5 years they may have the proper infrastructure to support it with 99.999999% stability. But right now? It failed for me. Hopefully it won’t for you. But just be mentally and emotionally prepared for the situation where it might happen.

How is this not a bigger thread already, and no mention in the known issues?

I have the exact same issue and the only way I was able to get my XSX progress to sync to pc was to reinstall the game.
I tried resetting or whatever, where it supposedly deletes data from your PC but not the game itself. After that, the game was totally broken. First I had to reinstall gaming services with some command line stuff I managed to google (I mean Bing!). Then when I was able to launch the game, it said the save it was trying to load no longer existed (duh) with no option to try fetching a save from the cloud. Reinstalling the game also seemed to error out when starting the download, but eventually succeeded.

Also on XSX after playing on PC it said my other xbox was taking long to sync. So I took the option of syncing my xbox and the progress I had made on PC was all there. The wording on that warning is very unclear, btw. I got the idea that it was going to sync the save data on my Xbox TO the cloud which I definitely didn’t want to do after hours of progress on PC. But since it was my only option, I tried, and apparently it just synced the latest data FROM the cloud to the xbox, which was obviously the better option in the first place. Unless the Xbox had somehow synced that earlier already.

And now after playing on XSX again I have the issue on PC again and I really don’t want to reinstall again. I’m afraid trying the troubleshooting steps for Store apps are just going to bring more frustration and possibly brick gaming services again, so I won’t go down that route either. Basically just waiting for cross-platform sync to start working again somehow.

UPDATE: This time, repairing and restoring Horizon 5 worked. So here’s how:

  1. Search for horizon 5 in the start menu
  2. Right-click it and open app settings
  3. Click Repair and Restore. I’m not sure which one was key.
  4. Reboot for good measure.
    5 Launch FH5. You get a popup displaying syncing progress before the game launches. Success.
    Note you will lose your graphics settings so there’s that.

Reminder: Support does not track the forums for reported issues. Please help the team log these issues by submitting a ticket per the READ ME instructions pinned above and confirm that you have done so.

I’ve reported FOUR tickets and not a SINGLE response from them.
So that’s a f----ng useless answer.

I did all the stuff above including uninstalling and reinstalling and I still get error E:1047-0 Invalid Profile when I try to launch the game via PC but on my XBone, XSS, and XBL Cloud play, all sync the save data.

I had a similar issue but found a solution so I wanted to post it here.

My problem was in the opposite direction. I had been making significant progress on my PC but then signed on to the Xbox. I was presented with the weird dialogue:

“Your other Xbox console is taking a long time to sync to the cloud” "On this Xbox console, do you want to sync the last saved data we have in the cloud? This will cancel your other sync. To have us check if the other Xbox console has finished syncing, choose “Try again”. Button 1: TRY AGAIN Button 2: SYNC LAST SAVED DATA

I was confused by the wording and since “Try Again” wasn’t working - I went with “Sync Last Saved Data” — which promptly opened the game in a very old save state that wiped all my progress.

Upon testing the game back on my PC, the game is at the correct progress state again. So my local save files on the PC were intact but not syncing to the cloud. No matter what gameplay I did on the PC it would no longer sync to my Xbox or online cloud gaming either.

My method for solving the issue in case there are others encountering this (I am unsure of which steps are relevant so they are all in here):

  1. I launched the game on my PC with the most up-to-date save file without any internet access.

  2. I completed an act in the game that I thought would be save-worthy (in my case finished a new race event)

  3. I closed the game through the in-game “exit to desktop”

  4. I reconnected the PC to the internet and waited 10 minutes

  5. I restarted the PC

  6. I launched the game through the Xbox app and was prompted with an option to continue with the save file on this local machine or to sync from the cloud. I selected “this device”

  7. I played the game and accomplished something new worthy of saving and I closed the game correctly on my PC

  8. I launched the game on the Xbox to see the integrity of the cloud sync but encountered the error “Your other Xbox console is taking a long time to sync to the cloud”. I refused to Sync the last saved data but trying over and over to wait for the PC resulted in nothing happening. I closed the app on my Xbox without making a decision.

  9. I restarted my PC and then relaunched the Xbox app and waited 5 minutes

  10. I restarted the Xbox again and relaunched FH5 and it synced right up.

Please work on this issue. It was terrifying.

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Also experiencing this issue, my PC save seems to be working fine but when I try to play on Xbox I get the “other xbox is taking too long to sync to the cloud” error, making the game completely unplayable on the box (I’ve done the “sync last saved data” option and then I encountered the same issue on PC, the repair/reset solution seemed to work and I got it back). I think somewhere along the line one of the instances saved to a new file somewhere, and so one or the other is always referencing the wrong game save and that “sync last saved data” just exacerbates the problem. Has there been any word on whether or not there’s a safe way to get my PC’s save synced to my Xbox?

I have had the same issue since FH5 first came out. I have reported numerous tickets and have been told “we are aware of the issue and have marked this as solved” which annoys the crap out of me. Submitted a follow up ticket again two days ago, this time I was told to contact Microsoft Support who, surprise surprise, had no answers aaaaand Forza Support has again marked the ticket as solved.

Oh yeah and Forza Support also stated “this support only deals with in-game issues”.

I thought the save feature of the game would be classified as an in-game issue. So no one obviously wants to find and fix the issue.

I have same issue and lost MG 3 in Auction House. I do not play in PC for a while, I auction MG 3 in xBox. Next day I want to other city, so I open PC and run FH5, it show sync error, and use data in device. When FH5 start in PC, the MG 3 is lost in Auction House and no record of auction.

So, I switch xBox and PC at least 2 days, than no issue of sync of data in cloud.

I’m having the same issue with synce between XSX and PC Win10. The Series X reports “Other console is taking to long to resync”. If I chose local option on the Series X, it loads an older cloud save.

Then when I start the game on the PC, none of the progress from the XSX is sync’d to PC and I lose all progress from XSX.

This featuure is an unreliable and dangerous mess. It hasn’t improved for this game since the feature was introduced in FH4. Buyer beware.

I didn’t have an issue in FH4, but FH5 is a total mess if you want to jump between the two.