Salty players getting beat by a AWD Gaser Belair. Lol

I have created a monster!

It’s known as the Hoonigan Belair. The funny looking car with the front way up and rear way down. I’m circuit racing this. It’s AWD. And handles like a 99 ego in A class.

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I destroy people on the starts with this thing! Take the lead by the first turn and hang tight to the inside. Giving room on the out side.

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No honor no respect.

Saying I’m cutting the tracks. Well ya look at me. And I’m making it stick. But not hiring them when racing side by side. Cutting the track. I thought everyone dose meow! Then I still try to get a clean lap in for the starts of course…

Salty ppl. Ive raced with other top drivers. They don’t have a problem… I give them a run for their money. Even if it’s a half a lap challenge… I know I’m not the fastest. Not is my Belair. But I’m going to try hard without wrecking people on purpose.

It’s a fine line with the new crash physics. I had the advantage cause y’all would wreck all the time on the first turn or 2. Always. But that advantage is gone for me. But I’m not getting turned around as much or me turning people around when I’m on there butts. Since then I’ve been riding more butts when needed to. I mean my grill is stuck in your mirror and I can see over everyone’s cars at the same time. But I back off going into the turns.

They can’t take a joke. And it’s driving pass them every lap. It’s like driving a pro dirt oval late model car. Hitting curds up on one or two wheels coming out of the turns. If I get sideways and in grass. I dump my clutch and point it in the right direction. It eats grass like a riding lawn mower…

I love it in tag! Until they screwed the crash physics. Meow tag virus isn’t fun anymore… And we should have a R tag week too. We have alot of useless R class cars that don’t have a chance in R class circuit racing. The older 70 80 90s Trans am enduro race cars.

And there is nothing wrong with the vans racing the Honda van. And why can’t we race the Holden wagon with the surf boards on top?

You need turn 10 to teach and stress how to race side by side! But you don’t. You don’t do anything about people having wrecking party’s. Why do we have so many trucks in the game. When you just ban the vehicle? That’s a useless car in game to have. Not stopping people from wrecking. Let’s give them a bunch of trucks and suv’s…