Salty Player in Team Adventure (Vid inside)

I play on the PC so I had no idea this guy messaged me till today. Am I not allowed to try cars on unranked TA? Must I always pick a worthless car or something? What are the unranked TA rules? Forza Horizon 4 - Salty AF Player (Read Description) - YouTube

Same than for sub 2004 of FH3.

Out of ranked, people usually tend not to use BS, track-tor, peel … using those is not forbidden at all, it just kills the game because of their overall performance ( just take a look at rivals ).

Most often, using those you will be just ignored but sometimes some guys can get upset.


You did ram your way past him just after the 5 minute mark in your video.

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+1, Indeed, using BS and not playing clean is a very good way to get other players upset quickly.


Well, I said in the description that it was an accidental ram. I was hoping he’d overshoot and I’d cut on the inside but that BS didn’t turn into more than I’d hoped as well. And also I didn’t think much people took unranked TA so seriously.

But yea, I’m no dirty racer unless someone does me wrong. Forza Horizon 4 - Getting Even With A Dirty Racer - YouTube

I actually find ramming more objectionable in unranked than ranked. In ranked I can understand people adopting a “win at all costs” approach, but in unranked, it’s just baffling when people seem so keen to win when it doesn’t matter at all what position everyone finishes in.

Is like an unwritten rule to not use op cars in team adventure unranked, you’re there to have fun and test new cars

Isn’t that what I was doing? Having fun trying new cars that I haven’t used before?

Ok. So Unranked Team Adventure rule.

  1. Don’t use cars that are good even if you’re trying it for the first time ever in a unranked game.
  2. Use only rubbish cars that is not the tractor in a unranked game.
  3. Accidental bumping of another car is illegal in a unranked game but totally fine in ranked.
  4. If you do any of the above it’s justified to be called a d-bag and getting harassed because of a unranked game that is meant for fun.

Got it. Mah bad.

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Yeah, you proved that it was your first time using the BS and it wasn’t your fault at all! I’m with you, really! but BS users tend to be big pricks and people get eerie when they are present, the unintentional ramming didn’t help at all :stuck_out_tongue: maybe next time get a quick chat for ´Sorry´?

I’m not used to having to apologize for my actions because I’m a very clean racer if anyone has ever seen my videos. I’m so used to being rammed by players all the time that I have quick chat for those people so the only thing I had to react to it was that “I’m on your team” quick chat.

Get over yourself.

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This is very simple. Report them, block them, and move on. Not worth spending any effort on people who act that way.

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