Salman5261's cars and features wishlist


1- Having more body kits and mods.
2- Indicators, windows and headlight toggles.
3- More everyday cars (nissan altima, toyota camry, etc…).
4- Fuel stations.
5- More tire compounds (soft, medium, hard, etc…).
6- Oil changes (for forza motorsport).
7- Car washes (for forza motorsport).
8- Custom wings and spoilers.
9- More cheap cars (suzuki dzire, nissan micra, toyota yaris, etc…).
10- A better career mode (more like gran turismo games).
11- More LMP cars and Concept Cars (for both forza horizon and forza motorsport).
12- More Race cars for the horizon series.
13- A better auto show (more like gran turismo 7).