Saleen SN95 Mustangs 1996-2004

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Saleen SN95 Mustangs (Fourth Generation)

This topic includes the S281 and all 4th generation Mustangs produced by Saleen.

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 2000 Saleen S281 (FM1-FM4)

1999 Saleen S351

The S281’s faster contemporary.


2002 Saleen Mustang S-281SC Coupe 5-Speed

2003 SALEEN SA-20


'00 Mustang GT Saleen S281:


This car was featured in Forza Motorsport 1 all the way to Motorsport 4, alongside the ‘06 S281 E in FM2, 3, and 4. The S281 has a supercharged 4.6L V8, producing 365 horsepower (272Kw) & 400ft-lbs of torque (542Nm) to a 6000RPM redline. This propels it to a top speed of 165MPH (266KPH).
Would be really cool to have more pretuned cars such as this one in newer Forza games, since this was a beast to drive. Images of the Saleen S281 ‘00:



will love to see this one. Please

Would be nice to bring back the Saleen from FM4 for real rather than just chalk up a rare, unique & beautiful car to a mere bodykit on the Termi

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we have enough mustangs istg

adding back the car via modifications of an existing mustang, then letting players recreate the specs exactly is the direction they should be taking with all cars if possible, instead of relying on entire models being added. its honestly more of a shame that the terminator is its own car instead of a bodykit on the normal one we had before.

That’s a horrible take. The Terminator isn’t just a body kit. It doesn’t even have the same engine. The different gens of Subies are more identical mechanically than these lmao. Should we just have one STi & the rest of the gens be front & rear swaps? :joy:

you couldve just included an engine swap. your analogy to the imprazas is interesting because for some of them, yes you could really just bundle them up, that would be great and would also give them the same power potential because for some reason they have wildly different performance once modified. the 2000, 2004(?), and 2006 ones were all the same base car. The Lancer Evolutions as well, each gen came in batches of 3 facelifts ending with the single for the gen 10.

on a more related note, do you think we need the 7 I think it is now individual iterations of the 6th generation of mustang? or could at least some of them be condensed in to the base car through bodykits, bumpers, and engine mods/swaps, like the RTRs or various performance specs. at least 3 of these are also just formula drift ones (and for some reason 2 of them are under ford, not formula drift, how consistent) that we really didnt need as many of.

for a more relatable example to you maybe, whats your thoughts on the Extreme E cars?

Liveries vs completely different specs of the same generation of car is a very silly comparison. These are different cars with different driving feel, engines, suspension, interior, etc etc I’m sorry you’re not able to see that, or simply don’t care to.

Id like to see saleen mustang or shelby 1000 comeback and 2ng gen Mustang plus a early 5th gen. Who cares if its another mustang, more cars the better



I get that they have different handling characteristics and driving feel and so on, but instead of having a new car that takes up a slot that could instead be something else, you should (and in some cases can) apply mods to a car to literally make it the exact car that otherwise would have been added.

you can get that driving feel, you can get the different look, you can get the more powerful or different engine, you can get the different sound, you can get the different suspension, etc. etc.

What id like to see is when you go to the body mod options you can see the logo of whatever tuning company (like Saleen for the saleen bumpers or rocket bunny for the widebody), well why not have that in the performance mods? why not have a Saleen camshaft upgrade? why not have a saleen exhaust? then to make the saleen car EXACTLY, you just apply the saleen branded mods in every catagory. most of the time you can already get “really darn close” by just looking through the specs and matching them, but seemingly people want it even closer.

the reason im so “passionate” about this, if you can even call it that, is because with every duplicate car we get, we distinctly ARENT getting another car. why did we need another F-type? its not even a convertible or facelift, why didnt we get a whole new car, it couldve been covered entirely by bumpers (or even just badges, add a badge swap catagory in the visual mods) and an engine. If your sticking point is interior, start asking for interior swaps because that would be way better to have in the game and could be applied to all cars in the game that have multiple interior options IRL. want an M-spec BMW? just put all the parts on. want some wierd mix of M and normal specs? do that.


100% agree

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Getting other cars is much harder. They could probably add all New Edge Mustangs (Cobra R, Terminator, 99-01 Cobra, Mach 1, Bullitt, GT) for the same effort as a couple new cars. There’s a reason they add different trim levels. A good mix of new cars & new trims on existing cars is good, I feel like different trims of existing cars are uncommon enough to fine.

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