Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition Package 2005-2007

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Ya forgot the 2017 Saleen S7 LM



2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition


I am really supriced that Forza still has the first version of the S7, and never got any of the more famous Twin Turbo Versions. Personally I would love to see the competition Package, with its S7-R Inspirated rear wing and that 1000 hp performance. (With is almost twices of the orginal S7’s power)

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I feel this car is generally mistreated in the more recent Horizon games, to my knowledge. The car in game, even fully upgraded, is somehow not anywhere near as fast as some cars that shouldn’t be as fast as it in game, let alone real life. And its peak power output fully upgraded is less than a real-life factory stock version of the car. In the game it only pushes around 985hp. when in real life the competition package pushes 1000hp. Doing a comparison between it and the new C8 Corvette. It almost seems like the Corvette has been given an artificial buff. Since how can a track car, better in every way when it comes to handling and speed, be slower in almost every way? I can understand the game buffing cars that are popular poster cars and such. But it’s sort of a backhanded insult to fans of certain cars, like the Saleen S7. What I would like to see is some love for this car. The twin turbo package, competition package, and some proper specs! Give our US car history some love!

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Looks like this car might come soon according to some finds.

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What finds?

Whichever version of the S7 ends up in FM, I hope it has an accurate model, because the remodel it recieved in FM5 was not enough.

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Some people have data mined the texture files for these cars.

Also, snoop around GT Planet for more.

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