s2 cars that are all stat 10


i seen the centenario ccgt mc12fe all 10 with 1 of them 9.9 but not all 10

sorry why do i seem out of the loop on 10…i only drive 2s becauze of online racing…

have you seen any s2 all 10

I have just 2 cars (both X999) which have 10 in all performance stats:

2004 Maserati MC12 Forza Edition
1997 McLaren F1 GT


let me reliterate that first post…

In-game stats do not matter. Only acceleration has any real relation, braking and handling is a joke and top speed often makes no sense. Launch is just a factor of acceleration.

The top speed stat is a good indication of straight line performance but it falls apart when you apply a drivetrain conversion. Cars with more than 6 gears will “lose” top speed upon conversion, which doesn’t make any sense since you can just change the gears (all conversions start at Sport level already).

Stats bar means nothing.

Rossion Q1
Sheby kingcobra??
…But can i say u again that stats brokes when apply transmission and engine swaps.