S class syclone tuning help needed

I have struggle to get this down. I have what I consider a decent tune except a huge problem with it wanting to lift the inside wheels on some turns, causing problems. My tune is as follows

race tires
4 wheel drive
5.9 litre v8 racing
forza aero
max width tires front and back
zr+ 520 wheels
sport transmission
sport driveline
race differential
race brakes and suspension
roll cage and full weight reduction
Remove restrictors

28 psi front and rear tire pressure
4.59 final drive ratio
Fr camber -2.6
Rear camber -3.3
front toe 0
rear toe -.1
caster 6.0
front anti roll 16.14
rear antil roll 26.36
front spring 621
rear spring 599
ride height 5.0
Rebount front/rear 7.8 /6.0
bump front/rear 5.2/5.0
downforce 75/137
brakes balance/pressure 50%/118%
front diff 10/0
rear diff 20/25
center balance diff 70% rear

Any help to imorove this or solve the tire lift is appreciated

rebound looks a bit low try 10+ and lower bump to around 3-4 thats where i would try first hope this helps