RWD drift hoppers bugged

Why does the RWD drift hoppers not allow me to choose a car that I converted to RWD. It only allows me to use cars that come factory RWD. This is unacceptable, you let people with X class cars in the RWD drift hopper but not cars that are drivetrain swapped. This ruins the game for me and others and makes a lot of the cars absolutely useless. Please fix this.

FWD to RWD swapped Dodge Omni does show up in the RWD hopper. Are you sure the tune is applied? What car or cars is it?

Going by another post, it’ll be a Nissan Juke

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Can confirm. RWD swapped Nissan Juke is not a selectable car in the RWD drift hopper. Cannot pre-select car and enter lobby either.