Rvm iwannataco van c600

If you have read the latest edition of Rear View Mirror by Johniwanna you would have seen that a gift he received recently was a paint by BDI for the Ford Transit Van (read the article to see why he got such a gift)

In Forza Horizon 2 I’ve not really shared/posted a lot of the stuff I’ve built mainly as the community does not feel too busy at present but decided I would for the C600 build/tune I put together, mainly because the Taco Van feels good to drive, it’s a little different, goes quite well, especially on cross country events and grabbed me numerous top 100 times with a few in the top 10 and a highest of 4th.

It’s up for share, gamertag HandheldBee9 and I will get round at some point to posting in here the open source so people can tweak if they wish.

Thanks Bee9

This thing is fast Bee, I’ve been chasing it at all the cross countries. Finally got you with a old Mercury Coupe at the Citadel XC.