Runoff1999's Forza Motorsport (8) Track Wishlist (Updated: 07/10/2022)

Appeared in Previous Motorsport Games
Camino Viejo de Montserrat / Iberian International Circuit / Ladera Test Track
Fujimi Kaido
New York Circuit (Motorsport 1) / New York Circuit (Motorsport 3)
Rally di Positano / Amalfi Coast
Sedona Raceway Park
Sidewinder Proving Grounds
Tokyo Circuit
Tsukuba Circuit
Twin Ring Motegi

New to the Franchise
Willow Springs International Raceway

Id like to see some type of track editor that would let people re-create all those tracks and more.


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agreed, we need a track creator

No love for my wish list, huh?

lol not that, i actually agree with you with Forza tracks, those need come back in some way or shame

I just was agreeing with that dude´s idea beacuse i want it to show up on new forza too