Runoff1999's Features Wishlist for Horizon 5 (Updated: 06/19/2022)

More Immersive Cockpit

  • Windshields spiderweb gradually instead of all at once with the location and depth of the crack depending on the location and severity of the collision.
  • Algae, bugs, dust, mud, and rooster tails collect on windshields.
  • Cockpit is fully animated with 900° steering and fully-functional handbrakes, horns, pedals, and shifters.
  • Ability to see from inside the helmet (if worn by a player) whenever using the cockpit and driver camera views.
  • Ability to pan the camera up, down, and around the entire cockpit whenever using the cockpit and driver camera views.
  • Cockpits suffer from turbulence when driving at speeds above 120 miles per hour.
  • Ability to adjust the seating position.
  • Characters grunt when involved in collisions, landing jumps, or while trading paint whenever using the cockpit and driver camera views.
  • Wind noise heard from inside the cockpit changes whenever drafting opponents.

Additions to the HUD

  • Inclusion of an odometer.
  • Inclusion of turbocharger and supercharger gauges.
  • Ability to change the color of the HUD.
  • Rearview mirror for the chase far, chase near, bumper, and hood camera views.

Modifications to Traffic Behavior

  • Traffic vehicles honk their horns if they are blocked, cut off, or an oncoming vehicle enters their lane.
  • Oncoming traffic vehicles screech to a halt, or swerve out of the way if a vehicle drives directly in front of them.

Modifications to Vehicle Obtainability

  • All vehicles at launch are available in the Autoshow.
  • Reintroduction of Horizon Backstage.

Additional Skills

  • Defense: Maintaining your current position by blocking an opponent without making contact, or weaving back and forth.
  • Turn: Taking a corner without making contact with barriers and opponents.
  • Undertake: Passing an opponent on the inside of a corner without making contact with barriers and opponents.

Additions to Character Customization

  • Ability to add facial hair and change body type and eye color.
  • Inclusion of licensed fire suits, helmets, racing gloves, and racing shoes.

Modifications to Racing

  • Reintroduction of a three-second countdown at the beginning of each race.
  • Reintroduction of split times between the player and opponents.
  • ANNA provides directions during Street Scene events.

Modifications to Fast Traveling

  • Fast Travel Anywhere is available by default and is also free, but players must still drive on a road once before they can fast travel to it at any time.
  • Ability for the player to choose which direction they will be facing after using fast travel.

More Immersive Environment

  • Vehicle paint smears along barriers and walls after contact.
  • Buildings and large trees sustain damage after collisions.
  • Spectators flinch whenever vehicles collide against barriers.
  • Debris remains on the track during circuit events.
  • Reintroduction of licensed trackside advertisements and brake markers during events sanctioned by the Horizon Festival.
  • Heat haze above engine bays during hot weather.
  • Spectators are present during Street Scene events.
  • Spectators jump back and forth over barriers as vehicles approach and drive by.
  • Introduction of rumble strips during events sanctioned by the Horizon Festival.
  • Twigs and other foliage become lodged in the gaps and grills of vehicles.

Modifications to Drivatars

  • Order of the starting grid is determined by PI level with the higher-leveled cars starting from the back and the lower-leveled cars starting from the front.
  • Drivatar population in Horizon Solo to be drastically lowered and spaced out.
  • Vehicles used by Drivatars are limited to the same modifications available to the player.
  • Vehicles used by Drivatars are unmodified if the player uses an unmodified vehicle.
  • Drivatars are affected by weather, terrain, and smashable objects.
  • Drivatars can be goaded into making a mistake and can make mistakes without being influenced to.
  • Drivatars make greater efforts to pass each other.
  • Drivatars use other racing lines in addition to the optimal one.
  • Drivatars will retaliate if the player is rough against them.
  • Vehicles used by Drivatars in Street Scene events are no longer randomized.

Modifications to the Economy

  • Clothing, emotes, horns, and ForzaLink phrases are all unlocked by default.
  • Ability to sell duplicate prize cars for half the original cost.
  • Percentage of bonus credits earned increases by enabling simulation damage and steering and disabling rewind and the driving line.

Additional Features

  • Introduction of garages for players to display and interact with their favorite vehicles.
  • Reintroduction of OneDrive music integration.
  • Ability to set specific horns and vanity plates to specific vehicles.
  • Ability to put vehicles in neutral.
  • Manufacturer colors are properly named.
  • Reintroduction of E-Class and F-Class.
  • Ability to create reversed and mirrored variants of existing routes.
  • Introduction of G-Class.
  • Ability to choose multiple ghosts for a Rivals event.
  • Ability to set specific character outfits for specific events and modes.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Ability to turn off the recommended section in the car selection menu.
  • Ability to change lap count, opponent count, time of day, and weather on existing tracks without having to create a Horizon Blueprint.
  • Forzathon Weekly Chapters can be completed simultaneously instead of chronologically.
  • Ability to immediately start the next race in a championship from the results menu.
  • Ability to enable and disable PR stunts.
  • Ability to apply upgrades and tunes to vehicles in the pre-race menu.
  • Ability to change vehicles in the pre-race menu.
  • Ability to enter events from the map screen if the player has already discovered its location.
  • Option to change vehicles is available on the campaign submenu instead of the cars submenu.
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wow, these features/concepts are so cool, these little details improve so much to the experience, here hoping that Playground games reads this wishlist and implements it into fh5 (or into the next game)