***RULE CHANGE*** Qualifying for ghost races reduced

EMEA and NA ghost races have been reduced to 120 players for each region. Previously it was 400 per region.

Per the info tab on EMEA:

"Ghost Race lobbies have been reduced due to demand and turnout.

All Ghot Racing will be one round of 3 races for all participants, those qualifying will be racing more."

Edit: Assuming 20 player lobbies, there will be 6 lobbies where the top 4 per lobby after the 3 race series will move on to top 24.

Nice of them to let everyone know beforehand :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This type of info is never broadcasted early no matter who runs the tournament. I’ve learned to just roll with the punches.

I do wonder if check in will be required to ensure a full field. Hmmm. Last year you could make it to the races even though you didn’t qualify as long as you checked in.


Oh, and thanks for participating you 280 drivers that are out looking for your lobby!

And I thought I was going to get to come in last in a ghost race on Saturday! It would have been nice to know that top 775 wasn’t safe at 4pm EDT on Wednesday. I couldn’t make the top 120 anyway, but I sure wouldn’t have busted my tail to make the top 400 in NA if I knew I was going to get kicked from the moving vehicle!

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This is actually a joke. There are people running the track and car combos right now, not seeing this. I feel bad for them…
“Due to demand and turnout”? This is a lie because if 401 people “turned out” then 1 didn’t qualify! If 1,500,000 people “turned out” then 1,499,600 don’t qualify. Either way, its 400 people that do, and this was stated when the event started. Unfortunately, tournament organizers still have not told us how many points you get from each section of the tournament… Never heard of such shenanigans for an esports event in my life.


The lobbies were half full or less at times. I am not surprised that this was changed. Turn out was in reference to people actually showing up for race day.

There’s been shenanigans with rules for every Forza esport tourney. None have escaped controversy at some point.

Oh, that’s cool. So I on purpose I left myself safe at 300+, didn’t bother to put faster lap and waste my time, and I’m left behind? Okay, noted, next Round - Top 100. Thanks Forza Team!

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VERY VERY NICE ! I paid my one year xbox live gold to participate for NOTHING. I was present last saturday !
Penalize absent players is too difficult?

SHAME Microsoft and Raceboy77 to make changes like that !


Gfinity and T10 are responsible for rules, not MS and Raceboy.

There’s nothing wrong with one year of gold. It pays off pretty quickly with free games and isn’t expensive.

I took the live gold because pc players are excluded but without ForzaRC, I play online for free on my computer… So, I paid 40€ for nothing because I will never do a race again in Top 120…

Or… You Know… You could practice and get better? :slight_smile:

Wow I’m really disappointed in this. I put in so much time and effort and was really looking to the race. Was the turnout not partially due to invites not coming through as they were set to friends only? It was for me and I’d bet many others too. This is so bad it’s not even true! Actually feel really angry now. Oh well that’s me done with this elitist championship. Pathetic

I agree that it is not fair. My place in rivals was close to 200 and I felt safe, but 2 hours before closing the event I decided to drive couple of laps, finishing before 120 place … just a bit of luck caused that I qualified further. Changing the rules should take place before the next challenge of the rivals, not immediately after the end.

ya know i tried my hardest last round and by chance i got in but after seeing all the people that made it and way under time didnt show up and now u change the rules because of all the people that didnt show, how about u just take out the people that didnt show and leave the people that did, ya know the people who take it alittle seriously and show up to things that they actively took time to join. this round i took that in mind that many people mite not show up, so i should just keep going just to know that u chopped us off at the knees, i even made it to the 400 round and guess what no points, did the boosters and guess what no points, wrote to gfinity and guess what no response, not sure what to think about all these championship races now,

very very let down

Yea I hope they allow for people to check in so that lobbies will be full and that would provide a chance for some who want to race, to race.

As for points, qualifying top 400 doesn’t earn you points. You have to place top 1000 overall on the leaderboard to earn points from what I can tell. In the North America region, top 400 isn’t necessarily top 1000. Also even if you were top 400 in your region and participated in races, you don’t get points unless you make it to top 24.

To get points in Booster rivals, you have to place top 100 overall. However if some folks did well in races and earned points there, they didn’t earn booster rival points. It’s an either/or type of thing. Therefore it’s possible to place 126 on leaderboard and earn booster points if 26 drivers ahead of you earned a lot of points in top 24/12 races.

So… now every qualifier gets 3 races? That’s cool. It was sort of quick last time. Hope to see a full lobby instead of 7 plus the host.

I feel for those that can’t commit a few hours to getting faster and figured they were in, until this was announced. I would have done the same, but managed to squeeze in an hour or so on Wednesday, and got a little faster. Even got faster, today, with some Free Mode races set to 5 laps and ANY car set.

Absurd decision.

What guarantees do they have on the 120 people all turning up?

What difference does it make if the lobby isn’t full?

What about the 280 left behind?

Will the booster event now carry more points?

What about the unfair points advantage this weeks top 120 now get over everyone else?

So does this now mean that Europe, already the most competitive, is now even harder to qualify for the ghost races?

Why change the rules DURING an event and after qualifying? Could this not have waited till the next round?

I’m just going to chime in that the handbook clearly says to give your all for every race, so if you held back because you made the top 400 but could have done better. this is why they have that rule. I’m sure they knew things would change as the season went on based on how many participants they got so they let everyone know beforehand to always do your best and put in your best effort.

Very unfair decision …!

For the next ForzaRC, make a qualification and take the top 120 from each region to do the season. It will avoid bad surprises like this one …