Ruffian Mustang 1970/2019

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Ruffian Mustang

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1970 Ruffian Cars Ford Mustang Boss 427 (for FH5)


  • 427 cubic inch stroker LS3 engine
  • 625 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque
  • 6-speed manual and a RWD layout
  • Built in a garage in 2019 before Ruffian existed

Engine swap option suggestions:

  1. 5.8L V8 - DSC (Shelby GT500 ‘13)
  2. Racing 7.2L V8 (RJA Pro Truck)
  3. 7.4L V8TT (Funco F9)
  4. 8.9L V8 DSC
  5. 10.4L V8 Crate Engine (Chevy 632)
  6. 8.4L V10 (SRT Viper GTS ‘13)
  7. 7.7L V12 (Cerbera ‘98)
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