RTX2080 frame rates drop when using Nvidia 456.xx drivers, fine with 452.xx drivers

Has anyone else found frame rates drop considerably if using the Nvidia 456.xx drivers? If I install 452 despite the auto update option being ‘un-checked’

I know it’s not what you’re asking, but I’d wager this is an Nvidia driver issue and there is nothing PG can do to help. Nvidia may have a better track record at stability when it comes to drivers, but it’s far from perfect, and it comes at the cost of them forcing updates and controlling the environment (don’t even get me starrted on the dark days of forced Geforce Now).

Why do you even update your drivers??? if the drivers you using work perfectly fine, stick with em. Newer versions does not mean better performance, in fact in many situations its the opposite around. Nvidia is messing up driver after driver. Just go back and install older ones, heck i dont even update my drivers since five or six versions ago.