RTSS still crashes the game but it's no more listed in Known Issues: will we ever be able to use it?

Given the current situation, I’d like to know if we’ll ever be able to use MSI Afterburner it to show in-game OSD.

Add me to this as well. I want to re-purchase my Ultimate Edition, but not until at least they acknowledge there is a problem with the game in this regard and they are working on a fix ASAP.

RTSS and Afterburner work on the other Forza titles, as well as in the FH4 Demo. Silence only makes people speculate the worse.

Like them releasing a perfectly functional demo to lure people into buying the full game, despite they knew very well the full game would not work.

But I don’t believe this affects them. They probably made millions already. They can get away with not fixing the problem, and staying silent.