RS7 audio bugged?

  1. Just unlocked the RS7 and the sound of the engine is very very low, I can barely hear it. The same thing is for the rivals when u get to drive it the first time.
  2. The new cars won’t appear in the list. This applies to Bentley, Etron, RS7 and Lynk & Co. (Check uploaded screenshot).

Am I the only one with these issues?


i have the same issue. its as if half the update hasnt been downloaded or something since most of the icons for the next update preview are also missing for me. the verify and repair thing on the xbox app didnt fix anything either.


The same problems here

The image display and audio issues were identified for Windows PC users when the content update was released last week. We don’t have a timeline for a fix at this moment, but please check on the Known Issues list for updates:

  • UI - Festival Playlist - Thumbnails for new cars in “Horizon Road Trip” are not displayed for some users. (Date Updated: 09.20.22)

Bentley as well

same here

So i just got the new Audi RS7 and there is no engine sound, just exhaust pops and rattles. Plus all the new car’s thumbnails are missing…not sure if these 2 issues are linked

Anyone else get this and know how for fix it?


Hi, I’ve exactly the same problem. Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution for this yet.

There is a thread in the Troubleshooting section about this:

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Not understanding why this can’t be fixed sooner? The audio/image files don’t have to be developed, just released in an update, right?

I also have both these issues but only on PC. Images show and the engine sound is there on Xbox.

I also have this problem on pc juat got the new audi and i only get pops and bangs and the exhaust sound is near silent.

I have the same issue. Why cant it be fixes earlier. This has been the case for more than a week now.

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Same problem…
Have it since the bentley, it happens with every new car ( I’m on PC ) I thought it would be fixed soon but still isn’t …

The sound seems to be at 1% but my car images got fixed when I put new paint on the car

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Same issue here. I thought the car was electric at first until I noticed the cat back effects.

helo welcom to fortza horzn 5

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