This reminds me of one of those “For a good time call…” you see scribbled on toilet stall walls.


Quoted for actual belly-laugh.


For someone who claims to be a leaderboard topper and one of the fastest racers in Forza, I find it funny that, according to his account on Xbox Live, Mr. RS IWINNUMBER1 only started playing Forza two days ago. You’d think someone who’s as good as he claims to be would have been playing the game a bit longer, and have more than 85 gamerscore on it…

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RS guys are usually fast but ive never seen ur gt anywhere on the board so…

Good luck on finding a 1v1 but if ur in multiclass i will see you there this afternoon.


Never see your GT anywhere, self-promoting with a different GT it’s outright foolish.


This thread has given me the best laugh on here in ages particularly the bits about the monkey and the scribble on a toilet wall.

I have knowledge of Winnybear as he is often known among forza friends and can confirm that his gt can be found atop/top 10 in the B Class Hardcore leaderboards


Why argue with a 10 year old? This ‘challenge’ is 50/50 mix of inane and pubescent.

You suck at everything except being schizophrenic.

Can we please derail this mess?

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Resorting to mental health slurs is a bit low. It’s a shame because the good humoured stuff further up the thread was genuinely funny.

I’m not gonna spend too long defending Winny because I’m sure he can stick up for himself but I can tell you he’s helped me with racing/tuning tips and definitely knows how to build a good car and race it very fast

Winny - try sending a PM to Venom, he’s fast and uses sim steering/no braking line

Winny is good mates with venom he knows cheers silver.Not many people get winny but a small group do the rest just don’t get how much the psychological advantage can help you win a battle there is a method to winnybears madness.


and Tigger too


I have found that there are many people in this community who are faster that me. I have been beaten by several of the racers on the RS team. Somehow, I will be able to sleep tonight…


I somehow don’t get this thread…but keep going, and be sure to record these “battles” and put them on youtube. Maybe with a bit trashtalk as well…this will at least get 10 views! Pah maybe even 20!

You really need to start posting with your RS IWINNUMBER1 gt if you want to keep these threads unlocked.