RPtuning (Redline performance)

Hello all. Rpt has a few released tunes. Some have top 100 times on some rivals. Ill provide a list and update when new ones become available. I work on these tunes over time when I use the car again and do make updates and adjustments when needed. Any feedback or requests are appreciated. I will list a few tunes for each car tailored more for speed or more for grip.

Ill have a more accurate list when im in front of my game.

So far my list

Evo 9
15 Sti ( may not be shared yet)
S60 polestar - updated to tune 1.2 - 9/17
850r wagon
Focus rs ( may not be shared yet)
2015 golf R grip tune 1.0

Tunes coming soon

Mazdaspeed 3

This post is for tune updates coming soon

850r tune 1.1

New tunes coming soon

Evo 6
Vw r32

Any recomendations appreciated

D class Hatchback?