Rover 800(Vitesse) 1986-1998

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Successor to Rover’s iconic SD1 Vitesse, a fwd five door saloon developed with Honda and initially using the Honda 2.7 litre V6, unlike its predecessor this car has no real motorsport pedigree (so probably best suited to Forza Horizon only) but it held the lap record for cars on the Isle of Man TT circuit for decades thanks to Tony Pond’s sterling efforts:

The later (facelifted) 2ltr Turbo 4cyl version was even more powerful and Rover also used the Vitesse name on the four door saloon as well as the stylish Coupe version of those:
Unsung Heroes: Rover 800 Vitesse | From The Captain's Chair


'88 Rover 827 Sedan:

'88 Rover 827 Sterling Sedan:

'93 Rover 820i Hatchback:

'93 Rover 827 Coupe:

'96 Rover 800 Vitesse Sport Sedan:

'97 Rover 800 Hatchback:

'98 Rover 820 Sterling Sedan: