Round 2 of Synthwave/Retrowave station

I listen to a lot of retro/synth wave. I’m wondering how was the retrowave/synthwave track list selected? You guys left off some really obvious artists!

‘Lifelike - So Electric’ not making the cut is absolutely bewildering to me.

Also, no Michael Oakley, Waveshaper, FM-84, Robert Parker, Voyage, HOME, Luxxly?

Here is a selection of artists and specific songs:

Downtown Binary - Interstate
Waveshaper - Vivid Stars
Waveshaper - Pixel Stars (Feat Robert Parker)
Waveshaper - Hardware Passion
FM-84 - Running in the Night (feat. Ollie Wride)
Sebastian Gampl - Under Control (feat. Tommy Reeve)
Thought Beings - Hazy
Le Cassette - Arms of Mine
Le Cassette - Radio (Silent Gloves Remix)
Michael Oakley - Devotion
FM-84 - Bend & Break
St. Lucia - Elevate (Silent Gloves Remix)
Ace Buchannon - Come Alive (feat. Anna Moore)
Robert Parker - Silent Kiss
Luxxly - Memorex
Voyage - Dream State
HOME - Before The Night
Starbound - Virtual Sunset
Kalax - Dream
Eyeliner - Los Angeles
Undervatten - Dance Program

There are so many quality tracks and artists that should be on the station that were left out! Please do a round two of the 'Wave.

I left out a few:

F.O.O.L - Highway
Wice - Star Fighter
Turbo Knight - Rasengan
The Lightning Kids - Fast Car (The Last Concorde Remix)
Isidor - Children of Cyberpunk

Could add the Vector W2 and W8 cars as well as some Group B fun rides with it.

FOE - A Handsome Stranger Called Death (Com Truise Remix) would be nice too, but maybe a bit too dark for the game? The Dodge M4S would be thematic though.