Rotiform ROC-H

One of Rotiform’s latest, they are custom spec wheels created in homage to wheels such as the Speedline Corse 859 and the original Speedline magnesium wheels found on the Audi Sport Quattro S1 rally cars, and were first shown off in “RING LEADERS”, a Hoonigan series which saw Brian Scotto and Ken Block build their dream Audis to show off at SEMA 2021.

The idea behind the wheels was to create a similar style wheel to that of the old Audi Sport Quattro rally cars in an 18-inch size, with Scotto being inspired by seeing the real deal at Audi Tradition. The “H” in ROC-H stands for Hoonigan, and like its inspiration, the H and Rotiform logos are engraved into the wheel itself.

These wheels are seen on Brian Scotto’s “Hillclimb Monster” Audi CQ, Ken Block’s “Turbo Monster” Audi Sport Quattro replica, and most recently the Audi S1 Hoonitron for Electrikhana (with extra holes for the possibility of installing turbofans for future videos).

The inspiration for Scotto’s car is actually the Coupé from Rouven Mohr aka “Dr. Crazy” (a former engineer from Audi who’s now CTO at Lamborghini). He was the one that came up with idea for the bodykit which then was realised together with Prior Design. JP (from JP Performance) who’s a good friend of the Hoonigans and who also is shareholder with Rotiform was also heavily involved here and I’d actually bet that it was him coming up with the idea for the rims (wheels).

If you’ve seen RING LEADERS or the Build Breakdown on the Hoonitron, you’ll know that what you said here isn’t true. Their inspiration came from Hoonigan’s second trip to Audi Tradition, where Scotto thought it’d be cool to build a wheel like it in an 18-inch spec. While I’m not sure where JP falls into this and don’t doubt he was probably involved, I’m fairly sure the idea for the ROC-H was still Scotto’s at the end of the day, considering they at least twice mention that it was inspired by seeing the original Group B wheels in person (in the below video, and in the Hoonitron Build Breakdown).

Timestamp at 6:24

I’ve watched the video of their trip there. I also know that they were visiting JP during that time and that he had his MTM Quattro in the works at this point. He got the original magnesium rims X-rayed to make sure they haven’t degraded and are still fit for use. Before he knew they were he actually was contemplating to have some new ones done by Rotiform. Knowing how tight their connection (Hoonigan-JP-Rotiform) is I’m quite sure that he was involved here somehow.

Fair enough, I guess. Either way, point is the wheel would be cool to have in-game, and that’s what matters.

I might have a scroll through and modify the thread in the future, cause this just reminded me of another Rotiform wheel that isn’t in this game that I think would be cool to have… I forget the name, though.