Rossion Q1 and the Seasonal Playground Games

When I was watching Playground Games’ stream on Update 15 for Forza Horizon 4, I saw that the 2010 Rossion Q1 - one of the new cars coming to Horizon 4 as part of the new update and a returning car from Forza Motorsport 4 on Xbox 360 - was going to be rewarded as part of, of all the events they could have chosen, the Seasonal Playground Games - which in case you didn’t already know, is an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER EVENT. Why, just why?

I mean, if a new car is coming to Horizon 4 and the developers choose an event to reward the car in, why in the love of God does it have to be one of the online multiplayer events? Yes, I am fully aware that these cars will be offered again in the future and we’ll get another chance to win them if we’re unable to win them initially, but from what I’ve read on the forums, not a lot of people like the Seasonal Playground Games events, so I can guarantee that when the Q1 becomes available to unlock, tons of people will be complaining about how hard the event is.

To give you an idea, take for instance the Hyperspeed spring Trial event back in Series 9. Here the Apollo I.E. was being offered as the reward car, and lots of people were complaining about how hard the event was, and I suspect the same will apply for the Summer Games event in which the Q1 will be rewarded in, even though the Trial and the Seasonal Playground Games are different from each other in how they work…

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I think I am just going to quit when I am on the blue team to increase the chances of the red team winning. Maybe this will ever catch on and we won’t be bothered with this so much. :smiley:

It’s that or truly let my 6 year old play.

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