road trip.

When travelling to your next destination, Why does the drivatars have to go so slow? You pass them they get left behind all ofba sudden speed up and brake right beside you and crash into you? Very confusing.


I think the idea was for it to resemble a road trip where you and the Horizon Festival participants ride together to the next destination; thus, they try to keep pace with you.

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This. Although they need some work. They’ll quickly pass you then suddenly brake -__-, they need to listen to Ben and know its not a race lol

Oh right ok. I get that, just the whole crashing into you thing is kinda annoying. Hopefully they will sort it out.


I like the idea of them riding along side you , but as you say its the crashing that’s a problem , I’m sure it will be sorted out sometime

I get the “keeping pace” thing, but it’s SO poorly executed. The hitting, brakechecking, swerving, it all just makes a chore out of SP roadtrips. It’s like trying to cruise with a mob of drunkards.

In fairness, it does seem to be getting better with time, perhaps the robots are slowly learning what’s what (like the early days/weeks of FM5).

It takes time for the Drivatar software to learn how real people drive on open roads, just as it took time for them to learn how to behave on the track in FM5. Hopefully, they can be tweaked to not drive like they’re blind and drunk, though. (Unless they can learn it.)