RJT625 62 back trying again

here2200cf05-6a35-4dbe-b95b-a724f70bfc2c by Robert Thomas, on Flickr

Paint in Progress

Xbox message sent :+1:t2: Will get you set up :+1:t2:

Another Paint


(https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4826/44837119615_647d41c7c1_h.jpg)](thumbnail | Robert Thomas | Flickr)thumbnail by Robert Thomas, on Flickr]Another Paint[/img]

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Yo, that’s pretty cool. I like the alien landscape in the second pic!

Ty Appreciate it,

New Paint9d9730d4-aae2-45b0-9001-d4b4153b8eed by Robert Thomas, on Flickr

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Sharp :bangbang::+1:t2:

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Thx Buddy Im Trying to Get Back in the swing of it

Looking good man, welcome to the forums! Some really awesome artistic style paints in here. You have a great ability with these artsy landscape shots, I can’t wait to see more. What you’ve got so far is really cool, keep 'em up.

Thank You for those kind words.Ive Painted alot back in Forza 4 horizon 2,3 but then hurt my back got remarried … an now back in the Paint Booth…