RJ's Gallery

Skylanders Series 2 Stealth Elf

Skylanders Series 2 Stealth Elf

Uncle Grandpa

Monster High Livery

Remember 9/11

Steven Tyler
Photos Courtesy of Chevy88

Photos Courtesy of Chevy88

Photos Courtesy of Chevy88

Call Of Duty Ghost Project

SI.Robertson is on the CASE

Fire Leech
Photos Courtesy of Chevy88

Tomb Raider

Lego IronMan3
Photos Courtesy of SP1r1tGonZo

Garbage Pail Kids Atom Bomb
Photos Courtesy of SP1r1tGonZo

Phantom of DeadLights
Photos Courtesy of SP1r1tGonZo

Skylander Rare Golden CHOP CHOP

Skylander Swarm

Skylander Series 2 Trigger Happy

SkyLander Eruptor


Paul Morris Love Machine Love My Forza

About time you had a Gallery here, RJ. :slight_smile:

Now I have place to post things like this

Redds Strawberry GMC Syclone and Wicked Apple Buick GN-X

Menards GMC Syclone and Redds Apple Ale Ford Fusion stock car

Thx Gears for the photos

Kudos bud

thx HotRod

Gallery looking good RJ.

Very nice Rj, glad to see all your work in one place again. Digging the new Truck series you and onelap are working on.

I like the Redd’s Apple cars and truck. And the Menards truck looks spot on.

very nice RJ, very nice.

I have to wonder out loud - how difficult would it be to talk you into adapting Aerosmith onto… ? something, not sure what, just yet ;^)

Great work and an amazing gallery. Aerosmith and the Garbage Pail Kids… :slight_smile:


Thank You to all commenting 1st d leek shouldn’t be to hard an to you you kdogg thx man

dang flickr keeps changing

Dale Jr NEW Sponser 2015 NATIONWIDE


Not a Junior fan, but very nice.