Rivals - tweak ghosts transparency & show best CLEAN lap time

Two suggestions…

First, for your best lap time, please show the best clean time.
The split times are based off of your best clean lap and clean laps are what we are aiming for, but it isn’t helpful to show the fastest dirty time… I can keep track of that in my head.

Second… ghosts…
If the transparency could be more aggressive as you get closer to and eventually right on top of the rival’s ghost, this would be helpful to see the track better and not be distracted by or cause difficulty seeing the track ahead.
As the ghost is farther than a couple of lengths, it can become more opaque. But as you get closer and closer and eventually even with and in, then it should be very transparent - almost non existent.
Perhaps an option to set the aggressiveness of the transparency?

Thanks for considering.

I fully agree, it is really distracting in corners

Voted. :+1:

Sector split times can be misleading when they’re often not compared to the “best lap” time displayed.
It often gives a false sense of the current lap’s pace since I can’t tell which prior lap the splits are compared to.

T10 - you know how crucially important the stopwatch is in motorsport.
Please display useful & accurate timing data on-screen for players.