Rivals Mode Time Delay?

I assume everyone is being affected by this, but why is it that our lap times have an additional 1.xxx seconds added onto finishing time? It bugs me when finishing a race feels like a wheel spin in how much time was added.

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I don’t race with HUD, but I just tried it and yup, same problem.

I didn’t notice that issue. That’s not to say I am doubting you. I came across another issue after finishing a lap in rivals. It would tell me that I had beat my next rival even though I would be a second slower. My rivals lap was clean and almost a second faster. My lap was clean as well.

I am pretty sure most of out concerns will not be an issue in the final build/release of the game. But it does make me wounder…

What’s happening with the one lap rivals is it’s timing you from stand still to finish. Not your lap time. It’s not a bug, look at your race timer and you’ll find that will match up with the time given. Not your lap time. Just like how top gear test track times are done.

You’ll notice the Ford GT rivals on Rio don’t do this because it’s more than one lap. So don’t worry, it’s not a bug.


Exactly what he wrote and to add to his point, the reason why this is done is so people don’t instantly make a “U” turn to try come back across the line with speed in a “flying lap fashion” when its supposed to be a stand-still lap-time.

Basically to keep people from cheating.

It’s happening to me too. Never heard of this before. Flipping a “U” turn? Wouldn’t that just dirty your lap anyway? If they aren’t counting lap time then why even show it? Why not show your actual time so you can see what you are getting?

Yes it would be better to either dirty lap with u turn or make it a rolling start or jjust allow multiple laps. It won’t ruin my enjoyment as all affected equally but at the same time it’s far from ideal when rivals is all about “lap” times!

Making a “U” wont/didn’t penalize your time also people can just reverse, it was a problem in previous games, specially the top gear track also; THIS IS A DEMO. If you guys race the Rio rivals event you will notice there it DOES count your lap time only and I am sure this is how it will be in the full game as well. [Unless they are standstill events] To the person that said why not show your actual time, its there under total time when you go to results.

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Very true and this demo has enough content to keep me going for another week. Rivals alone I can play for hours :slight_smile:

Playing the Demo of Forza 6 rivals mode I realized that the time is not marking properly, someone came across this bug?

Normally this stealing 1 second


Well, the standing start logic makes sense then. Just wanted to confirm that everyone is affected equally. On the note of rivals though, I find it insane how well the leaderboard kings can control that Ferrari so well on Yas. I hit a point where trying to take my turns any faster would cause major oversteer and still more than 2 seconds behind #1 spot…

@RBM GUI BOLZAN Please read the thread.
@SuckageXP I hear you, I had a VERY hard time cracking the top 10 2 days ago and I’m now somewhere down in 15th…

Why is it that I’m crossing the finish line at lets say 1:25.00 and its clocking me at 1:26.0? All assist are off except braking line

If it’s for the Audi/Lime Rock or Corvette/Sebring standing lap events, you’re looking at the lap time but the game counts the total time.

The problem that I’ve found is that when I set a lap time let’s say 1:45.456, then my lap after that is 2 seconds quicker it doesn’t change on my screen, my previous lap time will stay there and it won’t change. I already had this problem in Fm5 and I hope it will get fixed in 6.

Seeing how you’re a newer member to Forza, double check there isn’t a triangle with an exclamation mark in it next to your lap before you cross finish line. If you had an offcourse, collision, drafting, or rewind event in the lap, it won’t replace your previously recorded clean lap. The leaderboards send all the dirty laps to the bottom anyway so you don’t need that on there anyway.

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