Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Here’s a picture of the screen capture taken on my phone of my best time that didn’t get uploaded to the leaderboards. I did manage to get a time about equal to my second best to upload.

On the leaderboard within .584 of PentED and realized his time is in a F150.

I did get it into the high 20’s, but it seems to push a ton. It doesn’t respond to tuning/tire changes like other cars in these classes.

I was going to say i haven’t done that track yet,but must have done it in ‘b’ class when completing the do all HW rivals thing :slight_smile:

Just been robbed of a 2.21.87 pb by that stupid finish line bug.

Yeah F12tdf is good,more forgiving in auto than the Monza on those 2 uphill fast bits, as Monza seems to get bogged down a bit in wrong gear

That was my thought for the odd one out. Might pick that one anyway. Other choice can be the too slow Jag and see what I can get out of that one as a mediocre driver and tuner.

Right went for the Jaguar 2012 XKR-S first attempt that resulted in a clean run : 02:40.327.
Still no assistance, except for driving line on braking only.
Edit: personal tune, well basically upgrades only and minor gear changes.
Update second clean run, about ten tries later :-), beating a @Chea_1 ghost: 2:36.623.
Definitely more possible even with this setup and me as a driver .


Final results for B class Retro Rally at Barranca Trail. The Pulsar was dominant (results below are in the Pulsar unless stated) and Ziperr snuck just ahead of Razzit at the end to pick up the win:

Ziperr - 2.27.395
Razzit- 2.27.414
Bedlam - 2.28.078
Xorox - 2.28.327
Jezza - 2.28.849
Smoke - 2.29.516
Jockel - 2.29.890
Cipher - 2.29.935
PABO - 2.30.133
Spiko - 2.30.417
Landorgini - 2.30.479
PentEd - 2.31.051
Akaalpac - 2.31.451
GAdam - 2.31.785
Gilles -2.33.253 (Renault 5)
PcgTron - 2.34.421 (Renault 5)
AbsorbedSpy - 2.34.879
Beermachine - 2.35.874 (92 Celica)
SilverFox - 2.35.889 (Renault 5)
FlyingKulau - 2.36.006 (Renault 5)
NeubaumTurk - 2.36.385
Hanson - 2.38.175
Gabbel - 2.39.660 (Mazda 323)
Chea - 2.40.827 (92 Escort)
Der Duit - 2.42.012 (92 Celica)
Wan Ge - 2.45.432 (92 Escort)
Tredawn - 2.47.434 (94 Celica)


And final results for S2 Hw Nexus Circuit, ETTs (with a few exclusions). Ultima proved the best of the options here, with results below in that car unless stated:

Jezza - 1.23.934
Bedlam - 1.24.536
Xorox - 1.25.001
Leetorts - 1.26.720
Landorgini - 1.27.810
GAdam - 1.28.488 (F50 GT)
Akaalpac - 1.31.241
NeubaumTurk - 1.35.223
Der Duit - 1.35.779 (BT62)
AbsorbedSpy - 1.37.290 (Divo)
FlyingKulau - 1.38.582 (F40C)
Stooie - 1.43.066 (BTTB)
Chea - 1.44.705 (599XX E)


Der Duit
Hot Wheels Forest Gorge Hazard Sprint
1971 Nissan GT-R


I’m happy with my results. Pulsar with A / T did not even let me get close to the result that I did Renault 5. This forced me to change M / T. There is a lot of learning ahead of me on this topic.

With Ultima - I tried various AWD tunings and each time, not only in the bends, especially in the gutter, he was terribly oversteer, despite the gentle treatment of the accelerator. No other car acted like this. Oddly enough, with RWD it was much easier to control. It’s normal ?

Jezza, thanks again!

It just seems that some tunes that work well in Mexico will not work on Hot Wheels - and vice versa. From now on if I’m looking for a tune for Hot Wheels I’ll check if it’s in the description, although I don’t think there are many for this weeks b class event.

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lol thanks Gabbelebab took me ages to get that time (but i’m normally chasing your ghost to be fair) :rofl:

Can’t be I’m not one of the best out there :smiley:. That ghost should not be too difficult to beat. I’m between 10 to 15 secs slower than the real quickies currently on the Highland Climb. No way near real improvement yet.

2.19.5 for now in a K1Z Gray tuned Vantage 19. Less than a tenth ahead of Jockelzocht in the F12tdf though.

Also weird how this track has over 200 non legit times at the start, whereas most other street S1 tracks look to have about 20.

Forest Gorge Hazzard B-Class has quite a few non legit times too.

I’d guess at Snosaes 2.05.5 time being the fastest on that board. I’m @c150th ,but wouldn’t be surprised if that is top20 in reality - it is in my mind anyway :smiley:


Based on what I remember from Sunday, he was just above 100th place on the leaderboard. I’ll never understand why people cheat at it. Sure their gamertag is higher on the list, but everyone with half a brain knows that they cheated.

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What tune are you using in the BMW Turbo on the HW track? You are just getting faster and I’m getting nowhere. Most tunes cannot handle those blue bumps. I’m stuck around 2:12.1 I think it was. I’ve been using the HLundh tune. I can’t find anything better than that. Slim pickings in B class. I tried all the other cars. I think the ‘69 Nissan Z may have potential. It’s high up on the board but I can find a good tune for it.

I’m using Hlundhs’ tune too. Most of my gains have come through using Xorox as a ghost and then practicing (using rewind) on each place i was losing time to him -mostly through corners 3,4 & 5.

edit: or corners 3,5&6 if you count the flat out sweep as a corner :smiley: