Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Could only be bothered with a few runs but 2:33.253 in the 5 Turbo, was disappointed with how rubbish the Evo was when I tried it first.

Barring an enormous change I don’t think I’ll be setting a time for the HW one.

Ok, so events for this week (ending Sunday 14th):


Track: Highland Climb (Street)
Class: S1
Car Type: Super GT AND GT Cars

Hot Wheels:

Track: Forest Gorge Hazard Sprint
Class: B
Car Type: Classic Sports Cars

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Current events end tomorrow evening (Uk time) so still time to improve.

Barranca Trail (B class Retro Rally). Pulsar crew unless stated:

Razzit - 2.27.414
Ziperr - 2.27.500
Bedlam - 2.28.078
Xorox - 2.28.327
Smoke - 2.29.516
Jockel - 2.29.890
Cipher - 2.29.935
Landorgini - 2.30.479
PABO - 2.30.634
PentEd - 2.31.051
Akaalpac - 2.31.451
Jezza - 2.31.852 (Renault 5)
GAdam - 2.32.936 (Renault 5)
Gilles -2.33.253 (Renault 5)
PcgTron - 2.34.421 (Renault 5)
AbsorbedSpy - 2.34.879
Beermachine - 2.35.874 (92 Celica)
SilverFox - 2.35.889 (Renault 5)
FlyingKulau - 2.36.006 (Renault 5)
Hanson - 2.38.175
Gabbel - 2.39.660 (Mazda 323)
Chea - 2.40.827 (92 Escort)
Der Duit - 2.42.012 (92 Celica)
Tredawn - 2.47.434 (94 Celica)

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HW Nexus Speed Circuit (S2 ETTs excluding Mosler, Diablo and CCGT). Ultima unless stated:

Jezza - 1.23.934
Bedlam - 1.24.536
Xorox - 1.25.063
Leetorts - 1.26.720
Landorgini - 1.27.810
GAdam - 1.28.989 (F50 GT)
Akaalpac - 1.31.241
Der Duit - 1.35.779 (BT62)
AbsorbedSpy - 1.37.290 (Divo)
Stooie - 1.43.066 (BTTB)
Chea - 1.44.705 (599XX E)

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Not sure why, but you didn’t include me on last weeks standings…
Here is my Highland Climb time:

Ferrari Monza - 2:25.935

Forest Gorge Hazard Sprint:

Lotus Elan - 2:18.241

Sorry, forgot to add you to my friends list. I will make sure to add you to the final lists tomorrow :+1:.

Thank you sir.

The Monza feels like it has potential on the Highland Climb, anyone as a good tune for it?

I ran a 2:25.935 with it, AWD tune. RWD tune lost a bit too much at the start for my taste.
126 687 078

I’ll be driving an odd one out again this week, yet have to pick a car but it should be a not so obvious and I again will stick with my first pick regardless.

Nalaks’ tune is good for the Monza,just set a pb with it.
Just had a quick scan of the leaderboard and can only see 2 times by GT+SuperGT cars
McLaren GT @2.20.0 and a 19Vantage @2.22.0 .I’m not 100% sure the McLaren time is legit, that’ll be my next car to try out

currently using my own monza tune and got to 2.24.8 with quite some room for improvement. And I am a relativly poor driver compared to some folks here.
Edit: 2:23.393 and still room for improvement.

Ya, I’m not sure what’s going on with that McLaren GT time (2:20.0). I set him as my rival, and the ghost drives straight down the highway. Not saying a cheat, might just be a glitch.

2.26.847 in the monza

Having tried a few tunes on that McLaren now i’d be amazed if anyone could get close to 2.20.0 in it in auto. Quite a fun car,but not 2.20.0 quick

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That sounds like they were doing an eventlab prior to them fixing the bug that counted them for rivals. From my experience the 2020 McLaren is slow.

Initial clean times
Highland Climb
2:40.027 - Ferrari Monza, Tune by @NeubaumTurk_HK

Forest Gorge Hazard Sprint
2:22.699 - BMW Turbo, Tune by HLundh

The Ferrari F12tdf feels quite decent. It can do below 2:20 - so you might wanna check it out.


Thanks. It does look fast. I managed a 2:36 in it with a fairly random tune and that is with having taking the hard right too fast and driving through the river bed. I did manage a 2:33.086 in an attempt in the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage.

Came within 1.5 seconds of PentEd on Forest Gorge but it didn’t register. Did it again and came within 0.384 seconds with a clean time of 2:15.636 in the BMW Turbo but it didn’t register. Took a screenshot but it doesn’t want to share from the XSX. I’ll need to throw the thumb drive into my laptop and post it from here later.