Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

The F40C with Goliath Rises tune works quite well for HW. Feels very stable and I managed 1.26s in it.

Thanks. I liked the F40C. I’ll have to try the tune over lunch.

Did it in the Ultima. Easier now that I know the track. 1:29.673. Make that 1:28.105

Which tune 1.1 or the original for the F40C?

I’ve improved to the mid 1:26’s in a RWD F50 GT. @Jezza14, if you haven’t already found a RWD tune you like for that car on this map, I’d be curious to see how much faster it goes in your hands.

Finally gave the Pulsar a little go after using the Renault and it’s quicker but much more difficult for me to get down the dirt road. In the Renault I could do 10 runs and they would all be tightly bunched but I’m struggling for than consistency over 10 corners in the Pulsar.

I’ll try later. I didn’t think I’d have been able to improve your time in the AWD version though, so I doubt I’ll go significantly quicker.

Have you tried tuning the F40C? There’s a 1.26.0 time with looks legit but I don’t think I can quite get there with the Goliath Rises tune (although didn’t try running against the ghost to see where I was losing time).

Just to say, as these are likely to be less linked to the trial going forwards, I’m going to switch timings slightly to better suit my ability to update. Going forwards, I’m going to announce the new event(s) on Saturday morning (UK time) but leave each event open until the following Sunday evening. This means that there will be a slight overlap but essentially means we get two weekends for each event, so timescales this week will be:

Saturday 6th (am) - new events announced
Sunday 7th (pm) - current events close
Saturday 13th - next set of events announced
Sunday 14th - events starting on 6th end


02:43.163 on Barranca Trail now.

gives me a bit longer on each one :slight_smile:

2.34. 421 in the Renault

Tried several cars at Barranca: Escort was my best for a while @ 2.42.062
then managed to get the Renault down to 2.41.062…

Losing to much time in the dirt to improve much more but i’ll have fun trying.

I haven’t properly tried the F40C yet, did put the Goliath Rises tune on but my wheel FFB was busted at the time and haven’t been back since I fixed it. I did note that it can’t hit 998 in RWD with semislicks, so I couldn’t copy my F50 GT build onto it. I did run against the F40 C ghost though, looks legit as far as I could see.

Took me quite some runs getting used to a setup like this as it requires a different approach to slowing down (deliberately avoiding the word braking here).
I think there’s more to be won by both the driver and the tune, but 02:39.660.
Edit: the additional power comes from a supercharger, intercooler, air intake and exhaust upgrades. I have not yet tried to completely remove the rear aero.

I’ll try and summon up the will to put in some times tomorrow, I haven’t been that critical of HW but it seems to have burnt me out on the game in general, I only finished this week’s events exc dailies today and I haven’t finished them that late since series 2.

If I would share a tune would you like to try it?
By “slowing down” you mean that stock brakes don’t offer enough stoping power?
If you don’t mind the look of rear aero I would leave it for that track.

PS. GG on breaking 40

EDIT: Was bored, so you can now search for tune under name “orange” :wink:
TBH, I have tried few different setups (rear aero and sport brakes in each):

  1. Honda swap + race clutch/gearbox (that one is shared)
  2. Honda swap + sport gearbox (more power than nr1, but gear change time was killing the run)
  3. Stock engine + race clutch/gearbox (not enough power to keep up on the uphill/straights)
  4. Stoch engine + sport gearbox (combine nr2 and nr3 :wink: )

You may also give a try with Slowbakepanda’s tune - 1st one if you search for B class tunes. Pretty quick even with manual.

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Sure I would try a tune. I do like creating my own but I absolutely need to learn from others. It seems I often take the exact opposite direction at first. With this track I started of with a not so fast tune, capable of breaking fast without locking up when breaks applied shortly. Race breaks seemed to do that well. With the stock breaks I locked up as I thought I needed to break harder. Instead, letting go of the throttle a bit and the putting less pressure on the breaks gets me around the corners way better, sometimes using the handbrake. I loose less speed. Note that I keep ABS, TC and SC off.
It amazed me that my second clean lap today was 3.5 secs faster than my first with basically the same tune. I’m in the phase where I figure out which things seem to work where and why.

Will try some tomorrow. The SlowBakedPanda tune is the one I started with. I might give that a retry as well. Thanks a lot for your input and efforts.

I went back and properly tried the Goliath Rises F40 C tune… too understeery for me I guess. Instead, revised my F50 GT tune and sneaked past the F40 C time and into the 1:25’s by the smallest of margins. I think there could potentially be enough time left in that tune to catch Jezza, but only a vanishingly small fraction of my attempts make it through the nexus area clean and on pace so I doubt I’d improve much from where I am.

I tried the f50 Gt last night. I can run 1.25.5 in it but couldn’t get a clean run at that pace. The tight right “blue” corner messes me up too often and every time I got through that on pace I then messed up the banked section.

I’ve gone a couple of tenths faster in the Ultima but made a fairly major mistake on that run so low 25s at least is possible in that.

Will try the revised tune for the F50 tonight.