Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Pretty unfortunate I had to dig to find this thread since it has gone completely cold. It’s a shame, given the activity we once shared here, so I thought I’d revive it with some relevant info in a bit of an effort to “get the band back together” as it were, though it honestly feels like many are gone for good at this point.

Anyway, I decided to take a few more runs at THIS ONE & was able to “smooth it out” just a bit more get to 01:44 after all, so I’ll take it.

It’s been fun revisiting some of these tracks from previous events here & actually being able to improve times. So, even though they aren’t “official” weekly events, thought I’d share for anyone who’d like to join in. Hope everyone is doing well.


Nicely done buddy, i did give it a couple of runs a few days back albeit still in the Delorean to see if I could push that a bit further, but for whatever reason just can’t get that track right.

How you do it in that view still impresses me :ok_hand:

It is a shame that this thread has all but died especially as i’m sure there are still tracks / classes to be done properly.

For the last week or so i’ve been occupying myself by running the Brabham (BT62), not for any other reason than comparing tunes. Have to say though… what a car.

Nice to see a post here :smiley:

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It’s a ridiculous car. I got a rivals notification a little while ago, maybe one of yours, on HMC so decided to have a little go. Startled off in something random but the car wasn’t up to much so switched to the Brabham, beat my previous time from a standing start first go.

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Yeah, sorry about any notifications sent out, got a bit carried away after initially running it at Reservorio, I think i’ve done all the S2 roads now.

Shame it doesn’t switch down to S1 as effectively.

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Don’t apologise just continue :-). I saw myself running several tracks lately just based on a rivals notifications. It does give trigger. I’m in the middle of moving to another town so very little time.
By the way, what surprised me was the ‘sudden demise’ of this thread.


Yeah it’s a shame it died so quickly, I guess people just get engrossed in other aspects of the game or FM.

“Don’t apologise just continue”
Oh I will lol, I set myself a goal of beating a ghost of mine a day, well that and setting a clean time on all tracks & classes.

Best of luck with the move, hope it’s as stress free as it can be.

Right on, nice run :+1:t2: yeah, it’s definitely an addictive track

ok, i managed a proper run. I know it sounds ridiculous because this tune is so good… but it bottoms out too easily, ride height is very low. a bit too much RNG. going for titan next.


Congrats, beautiful run, doesn’t get much better than that. I just noticed from your video scrolling through the LB that I’m sitting just above DJS; had no idea.

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yeah he was like a mini-boss on this leaderboard. nobody should ever underestimate that dude though, what you see on leaderboards is mostly quick work from 2021


Anyone would be down for some custom event?

I really like that “gummy bear” track (playlist seasonal championship with modern rally cars), so we would use that blueprint and just post finishing screen result here?

To honor creator of that blueprint (xrcosworth01) we would use only Ford Sierra RS500.
I do have trouble with choosing class. Stock car + AWD swap? B class AWD on stock tires? B class AWD on offroad tires? Mid A class AWD offroad tires with power/weight limit? A class AWD offroad tires?

PS. other tracks by that creator are nice too :slight_smile:

Really nice run! Will have to check out that tune. Bronco is so squirrelly you have to do a bunch of tries and hope to get lucky. Surprised there is so much of a gap to the top Scouts.

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I was wondering about that bronco, this is probably easier to drive than that or the scout. other than the occasional bottoming-out it’s basically perfect

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It’s maxed rv8 1356 hp just under 3700 lb. Can’t figure out setting with suspension so use stock with full chassis reinforcement. Quick but spastic.

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stock works, that’s a tall car. and I’ve come to like your strategy of full reinforcement for SUV body types

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Have done that on a couple. Seems to be the only thing that works with a800 Bronco. X class is nice on there but we’re 5+ secs off the pace of top Scouts. Gonna have to play with this. Gotta be something that can challenge the Scout on Este. Tried zookiwi ghost. Looks like he’s using topless Scout.

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I like this idea. Maybe we could also include the Escort RS Cosworth 92 as well? Top of B Class with Offroad tyres and AWD?

Problem with Escort is that it would benefit a lot from M+C, while swapped Sierra would not.
But will check later.

I’ll go ahead & apologize now for any notifications for 700R times on River Scramble; got pulled into a bit of a side challenge with a friend & his tune for this thing…

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@ksmith5666 sorry, was busy with IRL stuff. Some positive, some negative, some car related. Maybe will have something to share in next week :slight_smile:
Will try to check that Escort today or tomorrow.

EDIT: and after testing with results that I wasn’t expecting.
Escort and Sierra. Both tuned to B700 on offroad tires, no aero. Both weight almost the same. Escort have wider tires, 60HP more, better accel to 160km/h by 2sec and yet I was doing almost the same times around that track. So I guess we can use both Cosworths.