Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

nevermind, I squeezed in a wild but decent lap, 2:41 in a levante, good for #63 and top suv on the board, tune shared: 124 057 637


Next Sunday 24th I think - 10pm UK time.

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Rivals - The Colossus and The Goliath.
Would someone tell me where I find the leaderboards?

Forza Horizon 5 Rival Colossus S2 Maserati MC12 Over Hood View 4k - YouTube

Forza Horizon 5 Rival The Goliath S2 Over Hood View Porsche 918 - YouTube

@buzzSAW0213 if your talking about the whole leaderboard you just have to go to the online tab then enter the rivals section then chose the track you want then highlight the class you want and hit the “Y” button to change rival and it will show you the entire leaderboard.

i think this is what your asking??

Managed to get under 2:50 with Alfa Romeo GTA, not that good but I’m happy with it for now. Still better then what I got first with Levante.

@not_2_good1708 Yes it is, I appreciate the help and response.

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anonyyymous stole the WR back with a phenomenal 2:28.215, I didn’t really think we could take it that low. Trying to chase down that time but it will be a tall task. We’re now 3+ seconds clear of the old WR!


I can’t comprehend tbh! Quality from you both.

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I actually wonder if Jezza forgot about 8CTF or not, while doing restrictions

That’s a good question. I expected the TZ2 to be a lot more competitive than it would up being. I also think this style track, with lots of powerslides needing to be linked together in the technical sections, really favours how the 8CTF handles.

Zipper and @Jezza14 ,

Can you please share your Alpha Romeo tune?

I was actually waiting for that as well :smile: I ran it last night for the first time thinking it ended today. I found it a bit squirrley in the sand & was a little overly cautious bc of it but still managed #61 with a 02:41:295. Could definitely squeeze more out of it & it’s a fun ride for sure if you can keep it under control. The design is also shared below for anyone interested.

Design SC: 821 019 350 - “8CTF Motorsport”


Switched back to the Alfa’s to see how I’d fare in them with more track knowledge. 8CTF is much faster in a straight line than all of these and that’s the biggest advantage. 33S is particularly stable and pleasant to drive.

TZ2: high 2:30s (Rocklxd tune)
33S: mid 2:29s (Chevy tune)
Guilia GTA: mid 2:32s (Kapien tune)

Good stuff! Now just hope and pray that your times don’t get removed for “being too fast” :rofl:

Now I feel offended :frowning:
I knew there was still time left in my run and that I can do 2:30. But 2:29 feels out of my reach or I would need very lucky run. Stop cheating :upside_down_face:

You can try tune Alerioon is using. It is made by ChevyChase13. I think it was called “crateras wr”, but don’t quote me on that.


@ziperrPL I would feel bad if I hadn’t spent 2 years chasing impossibly fast ghosts of yours :grin:

I guess the new side-event is Rivian R1T @ Ribera Rocosa A800 :partying_face:


My current time is set with LogikJ tune, but I recommend (@AudibleJam509 that is info for you too) trying tune by F1fan1985. It can catch/beat that top Rivian times. If only someone could make a tune that combines handling/landing of LogikJ and acceleration of F1fan it would be perfect.
On my list to try is still: TheDannny (whose tunes Gilles is sometimes using) and lphanhan (currently 2nd rivian time, that is L in front).

PS. You probably wonder how I know about f1fan1985. Well, he demolished me in Horizon Open B class dirt. Casually doing top100 times at Mangrove Scramble. Thought he was cheating, but he was only using FWD VW Pickup powerbuild.


always top notch

I squeaked past @AudibleJam509 and 1/4 second behind @ziperrPL

that’s it for today. I like this race, equal parts regular off-road and sand

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