Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Lol patience is one word for it. Even if one shows up you still have to beat the snipers. I can wait till Thursday. Having fun playing with the 800.

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Well, yeah, but that’s part of the “fun” of it :smile:

Ok final results from our four events. First Plaza Circuit (C class). Congratulations here to @Rayne_SE for taking the WR in the 700R but as that’s not a Toyota it doesn’t count for our event. @Beermachine66 and @ziperrPL created some great tunes for the Toyota 800 which dominated here. Plaza Circuit (C class Toyota) - 65 800 unless stated:

Jezza - 1.32.643
Ziperr - 1.32.905
Gilles - 1.32.960
GAdam - 1.33.327
Beermachine - 1.33.663
Jockel - 1.33.664
Spiko - 1.34.211
Moss - 1.34.945
Chea - 1.34.962
TonyKart - 1.35.312
Akaalpac - 1.35.946
Cashless - 1.35.979
Odessa - 1.36.013
Absorbed - 1.36.016
Bravo - 1.36.163
Smoke - 1.36.697
Citelis - 1.36.706 (03 Celica)
PentEd - 1.36.947
Wan Ge - 1.36.964
Nurse - 1.37.915 (86)
Ksmith - 1.38.683
Gabbel - 1.40.817
Bedlam - 1.40.868 (Trueno)
AngelGeek - 1.40.884
Tredawn - 1.42.369 (86)
Geist - 1.47.357 (89 MR2)


It’s another WR over at HW Ice Canyon with @Aleriooon setting a mighty pace in the CLK-GTR (results in that car unless stated):

Aleriooon - 2.13.016 - WR
Shadddow - 2.15.335
Jezza - 2.16.453 (Elise GT1)
GAdam - 2.19.373 (Elise GT1)
Spiko - 2.20.440
Lando - 2.22.182
Gilles - 2.22.584 (Radical)
Chea - 2.28.415 (Valhalla)
Ksmith - 2.30.757 (BTTB)
Akaalpac - 2.31.059
AbsorbedSpy - 2.32.653 (Divo)
Cashless - 2.34.521 (Mosler)
Nursemorph - 2.40.352 (Hoon RS200)


Back on the main map and the closest battle of the 4 events. I’m still not totally clear what the fastest car in the
Subaru or Mitsubishi event at Cordillera Trail (A class) is but it’s Chevy in the 04 Lancer who edges the win. No WR but still an excellent time given the restrictions:

Chevy - 2.33.226 (04 Lancer)
Aleriooon - 2.33.287 (22B)
Jezza - 2.33.504 (99 Lancer)
Citelis - 2.33.513 (04 Lancer)
Rayne - 2.33.537 (Brat)
Edward - 2.34.604 (22B)
Lando - 2.34.817 (22B)
GAdam - 2.34.888 (04 Lancer)
Gilles - 2.35.906 (BRZ)
Spiko - 2.36.690 (99 Lancer)
Nurse - 2.40.711 (BRZ)
Odessa - 2.41.161 (STI ARX)
Geist - 2.41.712 (STI ARX)
PentEd - 2.42.696 (BRZ)
Chea - 2.43.831 (Lancer WP)
Audible - 2.44.414 (04 Lancer)
Akaalpac - 2.44.832 (Brat)
Cashless - 2.44.948 (Starion)
Marioma - 2.45.173 (Lancer WP)
Bravo - 2.47.267 (BRZ)
Gabbel - 2.48.869 (Brat)
Ksmith - 2.49.300 (99 Lancer)
AngelGeek - 2.59.062 (WRX 05)
Radient - 3.03.136 (WRX 04)


Yeah gratz @Aleriooon, @TheGillesMuller and @Rayne_SE on all the WRs. @Aleriooon destroyed that track. Also good to see @Jockelzockt posting a time.


And finally it’s S1 at the Midnight Battles - 71 Mustang course but with Lambos or Porsches:

Ford Mustang MB (S1 POR/LAM)

Jezza - 2.02.723 (Huracan)
Aleriooon - 2.03.457 (Huracan)
Rayne - 2.04.658 (911 GT1)
Lando - 2.05.863 (Diablo GTR)
Spiko - 2.06.260 (Huracan)
Audible - 2.06.627 (Centenario)
GAdam - 2.06.910 (Huracan)
Nurse - 2.07.761 (Centenario)
Citelis - 2.07.878 (GT2 18)
Odessa - 2.08.629 (Centenario)
PentEd - 2.08.729 (Centenario)
AbsorbedSpy - 2.10.612 (Diablo GTR)
Chea - 2.11.431 (911 FE)
Cashless - 2.12.282 (968)
Beermachine - 2.13.537 (Huracan)
Ksmith - 2.14.149 (21 911)


I had to go and improve it again as someone had beat it by 2 thousandths of a second (I didn’t even think that was possible, thought it was 0.017 increments the game measures times in but hey ho), did it only 3-4 mins after you posted this amazingly.

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What’s the plan now @Jezza14. Are you taking a break from rivals and starting it back up after the first week of the expansion? Or are you going to run more before then?

The plan is now to wait for the expansion but I did think we could do a Gauntlet A class event as an additional add on, for those who are happy to do a 20 minute race and try and get it clean!


@Beermachine66 and @ziperrPL, both excellent tunes for the 800! :+1: It took a lot of time to make my tune competitive…of course I still wasn’t close to the leaders! :joy:

Lots of great times from everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations to the winners and current WR holders! Most impressive!! :grin::grin:

Happy driving all!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahah sounds painful but let’s do it :joy:

A Gauntlet’s a great choice, look forward to getting on that tomorrow.

Shout out to @Landorgini for his existing time on it, #94 on the board with a car like the S209 is very impressive.


Thanks @Jezza14! That was a lot of fun. I joined in kind of late so decided to stick to the 800. @ziperrPL tune was perfect and I kept knocking off time. I haven’t really dove into rivals that much other than to test out race tunes. This little challenge got me to go and update my rival times at other tracks and classes. Great job everybody on some amazing times. Congratulations on the WR as well! We got some talent on this forum.


Unfortunately, I missed out on the tune from our polish madlad for the Toyota 800. It’s lighter and got more juice - I just could blast through my beerboy tuned ghost on that uphill part. And even though my current run is pretty flawed, I was 4 tenth quicker immediately. so cheers to @ziperrPL once again :>

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Just double checking no restrictions? I’m thinking about using a very uncommon car like the shaker of bones.

First of all thanks for your efforts again!
Had some great fun and frustrations again.

I liked to have some choices of events so suggestion for later contests: have them run for two weeks and one for four, or something alike. A sort of setup like this might give the already good ones a short enough challenge where others that are no way near that have an opportunity for a slower improvement. I for example wasn’t able to get any playing time in the last three days or so. I would benefit from having at least 1 longer event. A week often is too short for me getting a, for my taste, decent enough time in. Both available time and skill/talent playing a role there.

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I think the existing single event weekly format works best, with the occasional side event. If you miss a week no biggy. You can still try beat rival times after the event closes.

Was thinking about Gauntlet too, but in one car-one tune format and with auto gearbox only. Was even trying out B class 79 Camaro, E30 and Clio for B class for that format.
Can we vote?

  • Normal event
  • One car - one tune - auto only
  • One car - open tune - auto only

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@Jezza14 If you want to use normal event just ignore that poll.

And if we would use “one car” format, we would need to choose class and car, but that would require another polls.
D - probably some RWD/FWD (e.g. old Escort, Clio Williams, Golf), stock tires
C - probably some RWD/FWD, maybe some muscle cars or newer FWD cars, probably stock or vintage tires
B - probably every car from above with offroad tires or some AWD with stock tires
A - probably AWD only, maybe some RWD cars, we can also use mid A class RWD, like Opel Manta
S1 - but was thinking about low S1, like PI820 or something, so we could use RS200 or RWD F40/288 GTO

PS. Thanks for tracking all times Jezza :wink:

Could do both @ziperrPL. Anyone that does your challenge is technically doing jezzas challenge. Just potentially fewer people will do your challenge if you choose a bad car/tune :wink: