Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Two results to put up. First, the 100k credits or less event at River Scramble. Bedlam putting in an excellent time in the 99 Lancer to take the win, edging out a lot of Caterhams. Results are Caterham unless stated:

Bedlam - 1.09.567 (99 Lancer)
Ziperr - 1.09.718
Gilles - 1.09.887
Razzit - 1.10.137
Jezza - 1.10.354 (99 Lancer)
Beermachine - 1.10.649
PABO - 1.11.038
GAdam - 1.11.321
Lando - 1.11.334 (99 Lancer)
PentEd - 1.11.855
Audible - 1.12.039
Spiko - 1.12.155
Rayne - 1.12.172 (#1107 Bug)
Smoke - 1.12.623 (99 Lancer)
Constin - 1.12.682
Geist - 1.12.856
Odessa - 1.13.307 (94 MX5)
Bulbes - 1.13.574
Absorbed - 1.13.649
Bravo - 1.13.707
Cashless - 1.13.824
Chea - 1.13.876
CRW - 1.14.301
Ksmith - 1.14.615
Not2Good - 1.14.641 (99 Elise)
Dgital -1.14.704
Xorox - 1.14.853 (32 Coupe)
Wan Ge - 1.15.142
Akaalpac - 1.15.392 (99 Lancer)
SilverFox - 1.16.777 (Safari Z)
Tredawn - 1.17.077
AngelGeek - 1.19.179
Der Duit - 1.19.413 (92 Escort)
Neubaum - 1.21.399 (Audi S1)
Gabbel - 1.23.233 (1M)
Hanson - 1.26.753 (Audi S1)


And Hypercar racing at Panoramica. Fastest times in the 12 Aventador and the Zenvo ST1 slightly surprisingly, with the CC8S proving most popular. Times in the CC8S unless stated:

Jezza - 2.06.677 (12 Aventador)
Gilles - 2.07.444 (Zenvo ST1)
GAdam - 2.08.862 (Zenvo ST1)
Lando - 2.09.076
PentEd - 2.09.246
Dgital - 2.09.327
Audible - 2.09.730
Smoke - 2.10.113 (12 Aventador)
Odessa - 2.10.414
Rayne - 2.10.497 (Venom)
Cashless - 2.11.548
Wan Ge - 2.11.949 (Zonda C)
Chea - 2.12.099
Geist - 2.12.316 (SVJ)
Absorbed - 2.12.660 (AMG One)
Constin - 2.12.907 (Zerouno)
Akaalpac - 2.14.251 (Zonda C)
Ksmith - 2.15.218
Hanson - 2.15.953 (12 Aventador)
Bravo - 2.16.870 (Zenvo ST1)
Tredawn - 2.17.671 (Zenvo ST1)
AngelGeek - 2.23.210 (Centenario)
Gabbel - 2.31.351 (Centenario)


I tuned a Pagani Huayra BC with drag tires, (gasp), and still has remarkably great handling. Still doing some tweaks, but it has unbelievable acceleration. Best performing S1 car I’ve seen paired with drag tires since the Brabham.

You’ve not tried the Viper AE then? :slight_smile:

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Just to say I’m taking a break for a couple of weeks. Probably do the next event to start about the 15th.


You’re absolutely right. Funny you mentioned that, since that’s exactly what I thought about this morning after re-reading my post. I remembered when we had that Rivals challenge and the Viper AE with drags was amazing.

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I start to notice a change in my skills I guess due to all the Rivals practice. Yesterday when doing the Trial I came in second and first, both as first finishing non drivatar with some distance to my teammates. Don’t think this ever really happened before.
But then some of you still make me look a noob.


I can empathize Gab, you’re not alone. I thought I was improving & doing fairly well too in placement among 2.5M players on the last challenge, but obviously not very competitive within the rivals group for whatever reason. I eventually just decided to move on & take a break from the game when frustration started to exceed enjoyment.

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Wanted to make sure it wasn’t a mistake so did the Trial again. This time I won three races. A bit less distance to my teammates, there was a pretty fast 4* among them, but still. I basically notice I loose at lot less speed through corners.
Up and until now games can’t get me that frustrated :smiling_face:.


Yep similar story here, done the “monthly rivals & clean lap thingy”. went quite well, entered some open races (not something I do often) 3 races & 3 3rds, sounds ok untill I saw there were only 4 of us lmao…
Oh well, I blame the car lol


:raising_hand_man:That was me (*4) with you this morning in that trial running in 2nd behind you all 3 races.

After that 1st race loss to the AI I didn’t think we were going to pull that series out, but I recognized your GT from the forums here so I stuck it out and glad I did as it was only my 2nd attempt at the trial as from reading it wasn’t very enjoyable for some. Good racing with ya! :sunglasses:

Just a quickie… I notice in the first post @Jezza14 said “We had a rivals challenge thread going for quite some time over on FH4”
Personally & saddly I wasn’t into rivals back then and spent most of my time pointlessly racing up and down the motorway/highway in impromptu races with others sitting around the roundabout/tunnel (oh the memories) haha.
I’ve not played FH4 since FH5 release, so a year and a bit and was curious if this was still going or indeed do people still play FH4 ?

FH4 numbers dropped off a cliff when fh5 released,but it has got almost busy again in last couple of months,esp thursday/fridays.Rarely have a problem finding teams for Trials/PGgames,but last time i looked non-playlist online stuff was pretty barren

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Yeah and I guess thats understandable, like I said, i’ve not been on since 5’s release but played it everyday for over two years prior just never rivals related.
I popped it on about an hour after my last post and apart from a couple of drag races it seemed pretty dead.
It’s a shame really, was imo a really good game but I guess everything comes to an end, appreciate the feedback tho’.

Got ma paws on a series X! Finally! Oh my, can I do builds and tunes a lot faster!

Can’t wait to try this delay theory in rivals, between one S and the series consoles.

As an added bonus, my eventlabs work! The track man is back!!! Oooo….how I wish we could assign a leaderboard to custom eventlabs….I could build some serious fun for you all……yeah….you could say I’m loving’ my new console. :grinning:

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Wow….very interesting. Seems to be something to this delay issue between consoles;

Xbox one S time: 2:09.730
Xbox series X time: 2:08.929

.8 seconds better/difference. I did not change gearing, line or tune. Still used my own CC8S tune.

Wow….just wow….crazy despite being under a second difference. Yup….loving my console. Top 200 time. Couldn’t be more happier at this point.

Edit: this is for Panoramica.

The change from 30 to 60 fps can give more confidence in steering/power inputs. Maybe this unknowingly improved your pace?
As far as I’m aware of there are no mechanics tied to fps that affect car performance.

The faster loading times are a blessing for car builders and painters though.

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I assume you’re using the Xbox Series X controller now too. XSX controllers have higher bandwidth and increased input polling rate, combined with dynamic latency. They can update at 2ms intervals. I think Xbox One was limited to fixed 8ms (at best). This, combined with higher display frame rates, provides lower input lag overall and can improve throttle/brake and turning response.

Eliminator is still very active on FH4. Not surprising as it’s arguably a lot better than the FH5 version.

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Since we’re taking a break here I started a little side project testing all eligible B700 AWD cars (no swaps) on Marathon (I simply love this track).
Top spots so far are expected but some neat options have surprised me with their performance. Will post the results with the respective builds once I’m finished.
Fasted AWD time on the leaderboard is already mine :wink: