Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Uh yeah, this is now officially getting weird. Statistically speaking, I’d say the odds of that happening are extremely high & twice in a matter of days, off the chart.


I recommend my tune for Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster 2009 SC: 876 629 409 name “S1 ROAD GRIP”. I optimized it for Panoramic and I think even for me 2:08.xxx is possible (Time difference to TheGillesMuller as usual :slight_smile: ).

As mentioned, a trio of Lambo’s next;

2020 Sian Roadster. As Rayne mentioned, it has mechanical grip issues. I put together a stock motor + full aero + rally tires build together. Tamed it enough to be useful. The Ferrari V12 swap helps here. Weight drop with the engine + race weight drop really helped….but no surprise there.

Time: 2:14.401. Actually tied Bravo again on my first try with this build.

Stock motor: Share code: 125 308 866

V12 swap: Share code: 345 125 225

2016 Aventador SV. No engine swap available here. Was able to get this car to turn on a dime. Front/rear aero + race weight drop + rally tires. Quite a nice build actually.

Time: 2:12.299. This was my “easy seasonal” build from last week. Great car.

Share code: 488 616 220

2013 Veneo. You’re probably better off using this thing off-road….or maybe for circuit. 200 lbs heavier and less horsepower than the Aventador SV. Despite its stats, doesn’t handle any better. Had to crank up downforce to help grip. Probably pretty good for S1 circuit. Wouldn’t bother using it in S2 TBH.

Time: 2:13.834. Due to its PI location and lack of upgrade options, it’s just not as good as the Aventador SV.

Share code: 108 214 119

Anyone willing to do a gear map?

For those who don’t know what I mean; back in the olden days, when we had bounty hunters (gosh I miss those) we had what was called gear maps.

For example;

1st corner: 2nd gear.
2nd corner: 3rd gear., etc.

You would have to specify the tune + car obviously. This was very helpful for newer rivals players, especially for motor sport circuits.

Just an idea. Posting a video is obviously easier but that isn’t a thing that everyone has time for or access to.

Stubbornly sticking with the CC8S i managed to get a 2.12.388. There were a couple of runs i had a good lead but as it usually goes i hit a wall, or cut a corner too early. When i slow down and don’t think too much i go faster, but i seem to only remember to do that for half the race, the old habits kick in and then i’m right into a wall the next moment lol.

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@AudibleJam509 i hope with the next motorsport they do bounty hunters again. I spend many enjoyable hours with that.

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I hit a wall (both figuratively & literally) with this course yesterday & moved on. I was at the point of diminishing returns (& enjoyment) on time spent grinding for only minor improvements or to bin it with a tap at the end. Would like to have posted in the below 1K spots, but couldn’t pull it off. Nice job to those who have!

Yup, me to my friend. Of course, letting go Johniwanna didn’t help things. Hopefully playground/turn 10 didn’t give into the “I’m not fast enough to get the car” crowd. That problem is solved by eventually giving another way to get the car.

Even a nicely painted auto show car would do for some folks (as a bounty hunter prize).

Might jump into my “easy seasonal” tune for the Zonda C roadster for some runs later. Should be slightly faster than my Aventador SV.

Some more;

2009 Pagani Zonda C. Sure enough, smooth as butter. Tried Lando’s rally suspension tune vs my own. Almost identical times (few 1/100’s of a second in fact.).

Time: 2:10.764. Lando’s tune won by a hair. Great idea with the rally suspension despite being a little more bouncy (not surprising considering the suspension type.)

My tune’s share code: 120 925 879

2016 Zenvo ST1. Seeing this car at the top of the list inspired me. Forgot this car had the Lambo V12 swap. Got full front/rear aero, tire widths and race weight drop in.

Time: 2:11.398. Not bad…not bad at all. 898 PI build.

Share code: 119 534 376

Just got a 2:10.864 with the CC8S. @Landorgini ’s tune. Going to now try my own build.

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I’ve created a monster. Built my own CC8S and managed to get front/rear aero, race weight drop, race tires and full front/rear tire widths.

It’s a gooder.
Time: 2:10.230.
Share code: 896 658 968

Might be able to break 2:09’s with this.

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2.07.3 for now in the Veneno, Rexazr tune. Made a couple of minor errors so 06s should be possible. Tough to get this whole course clean though.

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This will do 2.07s.

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Aventador 12 seems a bit easier to drive around this course. 2.07.0 - Rexazr tune again.

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It amazes me Rexazr was able to get this thing to go that quick. I had trouble with it. I’ll try that one.

Edit: interesting that the ‘12 Aventador was easier to drive. Had grip issues with it. Similar to the Sian.

Took my Zenvo in Open just now and it did alright, 6 races, won 4 of them on Bahia, Lookout, Plaza + bizarrely Reservorio, hopeless on Dunas Blancas with it’s low top speed + was pushed out of a checkpoint by a tossbag on HMC but it did finish with the fastest lap.

Did 3 more races after but a LVL1000+ in a FXX (I mean…really? LVL1000+ and you still won’t leave your precious meta car?) wiped the floor with the entire lobby, the Zenvo still managed to be best of the rest though.

So pleased I’ve come across this car this week.

no; no i have nothing…

Well, got a 2:12.6 with the CC8S (own tune & shared) and I don’t know why but was curious to see if it worked for auto, annoyingly it did and I instantly took off another .5 with the first run. Switched back to manunal and now can’t beat it.
Not that there’s anything wrong with auto it’s just that it took me ages to get used to manual, persevering in the belief that manual was quicker, and to be fair, because you can stay in a particular gear longer or have the ability to drop a gear, manual imo is better.
However, better is not always quicker, if that makes any sense lol

Did anyone else try a svj with drag tires? Feel like it could have potential with good tuning and driving abilities.

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Hey guy, for thoes of you looking for a daily challenge in between doing the rivals challenge here you can checkout Daily challenges. Everyone uses the same car, class and race using your own tune
Thanks @Jezza14 for your support in letting me let tell everyone here about these daily challenges.


cheers jezza - some nice runs. enjoyed the Pulsar event, recent R500 was interesting - wish I had more time each week.

keep it up.

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