Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

Merry xmas to everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday. I may be alone this year but still received a gift from my niece that i will never forget.


A great couple of days to you all!


“Jinx” @AudibleJam509, I believe a soda is in order! :smile: Down to the thousandth of a second, that’s pretty crazy! Great time!


I’m creative today :slight_smile: Koenigsegg CC8S I built for the grip is really easy.


Thanks, will definitely check it out.

Also on the creative side: put out a design for the Zenvo if anyone’s interested:
ST1 Storm

(Also did some new liveries for the Agera, Veyron &
McLaren 570, all shared & available)

Cool,i’ll give that a go :+1: I’ve tried that car and could see the potential,but tunes available (that i found) don’t suit this track

Great tune Lando ! (sorry :D) .A few places to clean up so more to come hopefully - have gone 9.5 with one slight tap in the middle of the r-l-r uphill section out of town -that took what seemed like a cruelly long time to flag up, grrrrrrr

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Yeah agreed, the CC8S is the fastest car ive tried out 3 so far, the others being the Lambo Centenario and the Zerouno , after one clean run in the CC8S with quite a few mistakes i got a 2:13.561. i will definitely start to make some adjustments to it and see what it can do.
“Edit” after 2 more runs and some tuning i got it down to a 2:12:914. i think the tune has a couple more seconds in it still with some better driving. S1 hypercar rivals challenge - Made with Clipchamp_1672038672167.mp4 - Google Drive

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Yup, good stuff. You are improving! That’s for sure.

Here’s my first S1 list of hypercars, de-tunes and all;

This Panoramica sprint is a firm reminder of the terrible road course design in this game. Getting a clean lap is like pulling teeth.

2019 Zenvo TSR-S. went with a de-tuned snow tire build (I will NOT use drag tires with hypercars. Drives me nuts…pun intended).

Time: 2:26.744. Extremely embarrassing slow time but probably better for street scene considering it’s low G’s. Probably better in more skilled hands.

Share code: 100 495 440

2013 Mclaren P1. Another de-tuned snow tire build. I was able to fit race weight drop in this build/tune which helps. Also, increased acceleration to make it more useful than the Zenvo TSR-S.

Time: 2:21.575. Better for sure. Actually might be good for road sprints and street in better hands.

Share code: 158 322 109

2013 Ferrari LaFerrari. Decided to try my off-road LaFerrari build. Turns surprisingly well despite having no aero and off-road tires.

Time: 2:18.872. Tied Bravo dead on. Right next door to him with this build. Had some success online in dirt open with this car. Going to try a couple more runs.

Share code: 293 353 672

I’m going to try to get through all possible cars….maybe. I know the CC8S is strong (and one of my favourite cars) but want to try/build others.

Hope all my hardcore Forza rivals friends had a good Christmas. Too much turkey for me (and some left overs still).

Edit: I was also going to say, you’ll need a grip/circuit type tune for this course (although I’m sure everyone’s figured that out by now….haha).

Edit 2: down to 2:18.038 in my off-road LaFerrari. Still have to practice/get used to this route. More time in this build.


Panoramica is such a challenge in RWD builds. All the little bumps, kerbs & surface changes can easily wipe the run.
It was fun in the 1.400 bhp Venom but I think I hit a wall now.
Time to swap to AWDs.

Imho the best detune of the Zenvo TSR-S is RWD on Drifts. Snow tires have awful lateral grip.

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Yeah, I’m noticing….RWD is a last resort for me. The drag tire builds are sliding too much. I’m getting tired with all the throttle control.

I was able to go faster in the Senna with snow’s then my original drag tire build, on a different course. Haven’t tried it on Panoramica yet.

Edit: Went even faster with my off-road LaFerrari. Time to switch to a trio of Lambo’s….assuming they release the Sian soon.

This is where the frustration really starts to set in for me when it’s clear that much faster times are achievable but one minor miscalculation blows your whole run. It then turns into a grind of running the course repeatedly to try to improve, causing the enjoyment factor to fall exponentially, at least for me.


This is a decent enough course, which stops the powerbuilds from dominating. Just takes a bit of getting used to if you don’t know the route well.

Looks like I may have set my final time already, 2:07.444 in the same 894 Zenvo.

I might miss out on something quicker being uncovered during the week but I can’t ignore the novelty of having a car from below the top of the PI in a class sitting in the top 100 (that isn’t a nonsense time either).

Tried a couple of cars before doing that, the Aventador SVJ doesn’t corner well enough but the Zonda looked like it had potential, just a bit finicky when putting the power down on some of the corner exits.

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Veneno and Centenario will probably be strong here but yeah Zonda is what I was thinking might be fastest.

The new Sian won’t do much. Poor mechanical grip and only lives off high Forza front aero values - for which the track speed is too low.


Congrats Gilles; insane times. Would love to see a video of your lines if you care to share. I’d try to follow your ghost, but clearly can’t keep pace.

I’ve had a S1 tune for the Zonda Cinque that I think might be pretty effective in the right hands & would probably benefit from M/C. Code below for anyone who’d like to give it a try.

Zonda Cinque tune SC: 233 299 257

(Also have a legacy livery that is actually one of my top DLs if interested: 158 698 575)

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Only a 2:08.612 but…

Not done anywhere near as well as my PB run but the same general lines through the corners.


Very nice. Didn’t see anything different with the lines, just seems to a have a lot more acceleration than the tune I’m using; is that your own tune? Also not sure how you can drive out on the hood like that, but it obviously works for you. Thanks for sharing.

Yup, I was afraid of that. Don’t know how but I kinda figured that before even getting it. It’s almost if playground copied/pasted the mechanical grip issue from the ‘12 Aventador. Handles the same way.

@Bravo437 I just tied your time dead on again!!! Lol… :rofl: :+1:t2: Sian Roadster time of 2:16.870. Twice in one rivals week! Was my first rally tires build test for the Sian. Might try some more runs in it tomorrow.