Rivals and checkpoints

can you just add 5 seconds to my time if i miss a checkpoint for each checkpoint missed, the whole go back just mess’ with the entire rhythm and flow of the lap

Really bad idea. People would just go cross country to the finish line at the checkpoints would be meaningless and their time might be pretty good depending on the dispela and terrain.

as soon as you miss a checkpoint your laps flagged so its not clean and rivals is a bout clean laps . ever miss like the 4th to last turn but moving good just have good control and boom u pull back and now ur line is now off on the restart.

But still near the top of the dirty laps on the leaderboards.

they shouldnt count flagged laps then do people get the accolade if its flagged? ive never checked ill just go till i post something clean

Also the visual ghost that you are reaching against would be meaningless as their time is not reflected by the race you see. You wouldn’t know if you are winning or losing until the end of the race.

i never even thought about the ghost we are racing against just the time well that idea is shot lol