Ripped off by dice roll thing

So I saved all my special thingies that you get each time you rank up, because I was waiting for the other perk thingie where you have a better chance at getting a good reward from the rank up thingies. I had like 40 of them until I finally got that perk (the perk requires 5 stars). I went and spun the wheel on all the thingies and I got completely ripped off, I only got like one car which was worth only 50k, and the rest were all 4k, 9k, 12k rewards


There’s no guarantee. It’s a lottery. You can buy lottery tickets your whole life and never win anything at all. It’s not meant to be the primary source of making credits, and it definitely isn’t a fool proof get rich quick scheme. It’s simply a way the game throws you a boone every time you level up to keep you playing. No rewards would get boring quick, but the thought, the idea, the mere chance that you could win 50 million credits, now that will keep you going. It’s kind of the same way that you think that if you just keep buying lottery tickets one day you’ll win the 26 million dollar jackpot.

By just racing a bit you can easily make more money than anything I’ve yet seen come out of the wheel. Sure, I spun and got a corvette ZR-1 but I could easily buy several right now.

I got a 200k Lamborghini without the perk.

There is a multiple paged thread on the first page of the forum where we (myself included) have been discussing this for a number of days now. It will have everything you are looking for.

This ^.

Yes that perk seemed like a rip off. Before I wasted the five points on the perk, I was getting 50K wins 100K wins, cars etc. Then once I got the perk I started getting 3K wins 5K wins. It was not random at all. The wins were the opposite of what they were supposed to be. I was winning much less often. I was wondering if it was some inside joke or something. You get the perk only to get crappy spins after getting it.

To be fair, it’s relatively easy to get the skill point, go to the airfield, or industrial zone and drift around for a litte while. You will get them in no time. On the point of the wheel spins, they’re random, it’s not guaranteed to give anything good, even with the perk. It’s all about luck. I’ve won around 500K from wheelspins alone. Just keep trying.

You feel ripped off by something that you know is random . . . I fail to see the logic in that to be honest.

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I’m doing well without that perk. I’m going to avoid it i think. Biggest payout i’ve had was 120K car + 120K. Had a few other big payouts, some expensive cars, and some cheap cars/payouts. A fairly even spread of everything to be honest. Maybe people should just avoid that perk…

The prizes don’t seem random to me. I’m “guessing” that they are not. I only get small prizes -10k might be my highest. But i’m sitting on about 2 mil credits. However my son (not tier 6) has very little credit and spent all of them on a LaFerrari. Then when he leveled up he got the 100k jackpot. It seems when he’s low on money, he’s more likely to get bigger jackpots.

This is obviously not a scientific survey but an observation I made looking at the differences in prizes for 3 players with varying amounts of credits.

I got Lamborghini countach and 165k cos I got vio

i noticed that after getting this perk that some wheel spins are odd winnings
before, example would be a even 20,000 CR, after now i see spins with 20,600 CR (just an example)

but at the same time, i won the top prize spin before and after getting the perk
level 84 so had the spins be both wonderful and WTF thats it!
just continue racing/driving as that what this game is really meant to be enjoyed

The answer is, Forza Rewards.

At Tier 5, I am getting 1 million credits a month. I even started the game with 1 miliion. Money should never be an issue in the Forza series.