Ring Booster Pack Issue

Booted up last night eager to race the Ring with my buddy. I wanted to take out the Brabham from the booster, but none of those cars showed up in my car lists. The in game marketplace prompted me to buy the pack when I looked at it, which I did, not realizing that it should have been included with the car pass (which I purchased day one). Does anyone know how to contact Turn10 or Microsoft about this? It shouldn’t have let me pay for something that should have already been in game for me.

You can try your luck with Xbox Billing Support, as this is their area of expertise. Turn 10 will not be able to assist you with payment concerns.

Regarding the DLC issue: you should have received a title update which would have installed the Booster Pack and subsequently, with your Car Pass subscription, would have made them free to add to your garage. A complete console shutdown would have likely resolved this issue; but, now that you have purchased the Booster Pack and (I assume) you have the content available, there is no telling what went wrong.

Doesn’t make much sense to download a 2.8 GB patch then restart my whole console for a small part of that patch to work (the part that says car pass=install car DLC). I’m checking with Microsoft too, but this should probably be flagged as a bug for Turn10 to fix, so that others don’t have the same problem.

It may not make sense to you, but it has resolved similar issues and, had it worked, would have saved you the cash. Unfortunately, at this point, its too late for troubleshooting.

Furthermore, there is no bug to flag. The ability to purchase Xbox Marketplace content, even with a season pass, has existed since the Xbox 360.

I wish you luck in working this out with the Microsoft folks.

It should not have offered to sell me content that should have been registered to my account. The content should have been available after the update, without a work around (which one would only know about by coming to the forums prior to playing ). Software functioning incorrectly means there’s a bug.

I am aware that duplicate DLC purchases have been around for a long time, that does not excuse them. Generally this was due to looking at content outside the game software. Additionally, this was in game and I was prompted to buy the pack, which is a failure by the software.

Hopefully others will see this and save $5. And Turn10 will see this and fix the issue , so that no one else gets burned.

As I’ve stated, even with the Xbox 360, owners of season passes and such (no matter what game) will see individual content for sale, regardless. It is the gamer’s responsibility to know what content is covered by their season pass so that they do not purchase duplicate content. That is the way Microsoft has structured the Marketplace; if you have a problem with it, take it up with them.

Secondly, the “work around” (a simple console shutdown) is the fix for a multitude of issues users have been experiencing with the Xbox One console - clearing the cache has been an effective way to resolve issues regarding everything from graphical glitches to DLC access troubles. Coincidently, with the Xbox One running on the Windows 8 operating system, this is the same process you would accomplish for troubleshooting a PC. If it’s such an inconvenience for you, perhaps the Xbox One just isn’t for you.

Lastly, and repeated like a broken record: Marketplace transactions are in the hands of Xbox Support. You’re pointing the finger at the wrong entity.