RIKITIroo's forzatography .1 shot update 13/9

My first shots that i feel are better than my usual uploaded photos

GetPhoto (25) by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

falken side by RIKITIroo, on Flickr
falken top by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

punto by RIKITIroo, on Flickr


bmw by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

il add some more when i think there good enough

This one is fantastic due to the great use of aperture! Excited to see what else you will bring!

thanks im just playing around with settings to see what i get

I will be honest…

The first shot, I am personally not a fan. The whites are a little too bright and iI would have liked a better sense of depth.

The 2nd shot, I find this shot a tad too simplistic for the angle, which is quite good but I don’t think it was used to its full potential. I would have liked a tad of aperture and maybe a shot slightly further back and with more zoom.

The 3rd shot, I like this shot quite a bit. The aperture is just about the correct amount and I think it suits the car really well.

Please don’t get upset or angry with this feedback. I think you will make a fantastic photographer when you find out what ‘works’.

Sometimes a little ‘trial & error’ will really assist you in creating better photos in the future, but sometimes you need feedback to see the 'error’s.

I hope you took the time to read the whole post :slight_smile:


hi mikke121 no offence taken, thanks for the feedback i will work on some new shots, i may even try to retake the first two pics using different filters .I am just playing with a few filters to see what effects i can get, also i have just put a shot of a bmw up in the first post
thanks again rik

The BMW shot is good. I like the angle and the subtle use of aperture and the settings are good!

The BMW shot is really nice, the lights and the sun rays in the background look really nice!

thanks for your comments im playing with a lexus at the moment,im trying to get a good picture of the metal flakes in the paint, here is one shot of it i will be adding more later when my lil lad comes off of the lego hobbit game.

lexus1 by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

ooops i need to turn this around ?
edit got it sorted

Nice shot. A bit of aperture would of make it even better.

Love the new BMW shot and I agree with Morc about the Lexus photo. Welcome to the media center!

That homespace photo !!! Wow :slight_smile:

I like the homespace shot but a little aperture would make it that much better!

mercedes by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

Nice shot. A little dark for my taste but I like your style and your use of aperture.

a few shots of my P1

GetPhoto (19) by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

GetPhoto (18) by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

a few of the beetle
GetPhoto (27) by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

GetPhoto (28) by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

GetPhoto (26) by RIKITIroo, on Flickr

Love the last shot!

That rim/brake shot is great!

thanks, i think the rim shot is my favourite to date