Rewind - Spa - Audi R18 No 1 Time

Under the spec challenge, for spa, we’re getting the R18. I just watched the No 1’s replay and it seems he is hitting all the trackins, apex and trackouts, perfectly. Amazing. Makes me wonder if these are real world racers with the full sim (hydraulic seats, the whole 9 yards) setup. I personally got 2:10. I think the rewind feature is really going to help us become a better driver. Imagine a rewind feature in real life :slight_smile: Thanks for that feature T10.

Use rewind to learn if you want but you won’t be setting leaderboard times with it as it dirties your lap. That top time (all of them in fact) are done in one hit. The top racers are the definition of perfect when it comes to racing lines.

Ah, learned something new today. Yeah those guys are good. Thanks s1yfa!

I could use a real life rewind for all the times Ive said something before engaging my brain