Rewards problem

Yesterday I checked the rewards, and for Forza 5, and Horizon 2. I was supposed to to get a little over 11 million CRs on both games. And I never got it, I got on today to find out that offer is gone, and I only got 400 thousand CRs. What is going on?

Here, read this: News - Forza

that 11 million would have been the total you’ve received all up that you have redeemed through rewards…they have never ever given that amout

OP: I re-read your post again and Talby is, once again, spot on. You should listen to this guy when he posts.

The rewards page shows when you have NEW REWARDS to claim and sows what they are. Then there is a very clearly labeled section that shows rewards earned to date (redeemed rewards) which sows the total amount of rewards you have earned in all the time you’ve been part of the program.

You will never earn more than a couple million per month and now the rewards have gone from monthly to weekly so the amount has gone down as well (per redemption).

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Alright, thanks for the info, especially talby.

think its also gone back to monthly now

Still weekly for September at least but the amount is half last months (so back to normal).