Rewards not updating?

Since just before the weekend, playing Forza Horizon 2, I don’t seem to be getting the correct reward updates for the competitions that I have won, achievements etc., I just merely get 10 points per session! Has anybody else experienced this?
Have just played another hour session, won a championship, got another achievement, and still only received 10 reward points! Can anybody please help and shed some light on this?

It takes a while to sync back to the server, then with this website, and then the site needs to refresh to show the results. It may take a day or two.

Hi thanks for the reply, but although I realise it can take a while for everything to refresh, usually this happens within the space of a few hours! It has now been a week, and nothing,! I played yesterday morning for less than an hour, got 10 points, I then played yesterday afternoon and evening for a considerable amount of time, winning several championships, and gaining some more achievements, but no further points have been awarded! It just seems that I get 10 points for switching the game on, and that’s it? Can anybody help?

I suggest looking at the Rewards page and maximizing the FH2 section. There it shows you the points you get and what you must do to get them, however, the page shows you in terms of Reward Points. There is a button next to this that says something like “Achievements” or “Total” and it will display your progress in actual in-game data.

I suggest you try switching the setting and seeing what it is you need to do to keep getting points.

Reward Points: Own a Certain # of Cars — Pts — 250/500
In-Game Data: Own a Certain # of Cars — # of Cars — 125/250

Also, you do get 10 points each day just for playing the game until you fill up the “# of Days played” bar.