Rewards not registering on the hub


I have the VIP and the car pass for FH2 and VIP FM5 but it doesn’t register in the FM6 rewards. I am driving around in a bunch of the DLC cars in FH2 so I know for sure I have the pass, it doesn’t let me buy it on the market place.

Can someone help me please?

I bought Storm Island for FH2, didn’t register on the DLC purchased, but I bought the VIP for FM4 and that worked.

This system seems pretty hit and miss.

I’ve made a few more posts below, but I guess moderators are not “authorising” them. :frowning:

I have pretty much completed F&F on Xbox 1, I just have a few of those perfect passes to finish and I have completed all that is needed for Forza hub.

But the Hub says I haven’t done a lot of stuff, compared to what it actually tells me in game.

Is it normal that this system is that broken? Should I even bother with trying to actually get the Tier levels? This is making Ubisofts Uplay look pretty good about now.